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Over the past couple of years, I have spent an exorbitant amount of money on my daughters’ wardrobe while purchasing the right birthday dresses. I have purchased hundreds of different birthday dresses and accessories for her. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of these birthday accessories is still used daily today. I made the mistake of purchasing a lot of unnecessary stuff impulsively and did not focus on taking care of it in the right manner. However, I have recently changed my approach to styling and dressing completely.

I maintain the dresses as well as the accessories very judiciously today. I ensure that a dress or an accessory that I purchase for my little girl last at least 1.5 years before going completely out of use. I have scoured the internet to search for the different ways on how to take care of the birthday party dresses effectively. Here are the top tips that have helped me choose the right birthday dresses and increase their durability by an exponential amount.

Tips on Choosing the Right Birthday Party Dresses

• Choose the Right Fit and Finish

I strongly feel that the fit and finish of the birthday dress is extremely important for the safety of your little girl. The loose dresses will dangle from the shoulders/waist and cause troubles in movement. On the other hand, the tight dresses will make your little girl feel choked and claustrophobic thereby restricting free movement.

Typically, the dresses that fit your little girl perfectly are not ideal either. The young girls grow extremely quickly, and they will easily outgrow the dress within a few months. Therefore, I always purchase a dress that is slightly bigger. I then use a couple of functional clothing accessories like waist belts on the birthday dress to provide the necessary fit and finish to the outfit.

• Always Choose Branded Clothes

The branded clothes are usually costlier compared to the local ones. However, you can get a better return on investment with these branded clothes since they often last for a longer term compared to the other clothes. I have wasted a significant amount of money on non branded dresses. However, now I have realized the difference between cheap and affordable. Now I look for affordable clothes only.

More importantly, branded clothing manufacturers use the most delicate and safe fabrics in the market. Such fabrics are completely harmless and delicate on the skin of the little girls.

• Choose Dresses that are Comfortable

I always put the comfort of my daughter above everything else while selecting the right clothes for her. Once I bought a dress that both, me and my daughter, thought would look great on her. However, she ended up wearing it only once because it was extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, now whenever I purchase a new outfit for her, I make sure that she tries it on once and feels comfortable in it.

The comfortable dresses will help your little girl express her love and childish ingenuity with freedom. On the other hand, the uncomfortable dresses will end up making her feel claustrophobic and trapped.

• Make Sure that the Dress Fabric is Not Flammable

Birthday parties often have tonnes of different decorations. These parties have candles, halogen lights, as well as other dangerous items that can heat up very quickly. Therefore, you should always keep your daughter at a safe distance from such items. I heard a story once on how a little girl got third-degree burns because her long dress caught fire. I have been extremely careful in selecting my daughter’s outfits from then.

Ideally, I choose materials like silk and satin that are not inflammable when she is attending an indoor party. If she is attending a poolside or a beach side party, a cotton sundress will look better and feel more comfortable.

• Do Not Take the Cost of the Dress into Consideration While Choosing the Best Dresses

I used to buy several dresses on heavy discounts from online clothing shops. I purchased these dresses for my daughter whenever I saw a sale going on. After all, I love shopping. Therefore, I couldn’t help but shop with an open heart. Over the past couple of years, I have realized that I spent a lot of money on these low-quality dresses.

Once I read a blog that said that on an average, a woman wears a party dress only 4 times before it gets almost completely useless. I believed that it was a very small number. So, I started tracking the number of times my daughter wore the dresses that I purchased from such thrift shopping experiences. To my surprise, I saw that she wore a lot of dresses only once before throwing them away to the bottom of the cupboard. I was stunned!

I posted a small sticky note on the inside of the dress and wrote the number of times she wore it to keep a track. After 4 months of tracking experience, I realized that she wore the high-quality branded dresses over 5 times and the low-quality ones only once. I realized that I had to change my online shopping habits soon.

Now I only purchase the dresses that I feel will add great value to my daughter’s dress collection. I purchase dresses that will truly look and feel great regardless of their cost.

• Do Not Choose Dresses with Drawstrings

I never choose the dresses that have lots of drawstrings in them. I read on a blog that these dresses are extremely dangerous and need more care than the average dresses. Therefore, I always prefer choosing dresses with less to no trinkets. The dresses with drawstrings can easily stick in various places and cause problems. In the worst-case scenarios, it can strangle your little girl if these strings get stuck in a dangerous place.

• Do Not Choose Dresses with a Lot of Buttons and Beads

There are two reasons why I do not trust dresses with a lot of buttons and beads.

Reason 1: They are not safe. My daughter is 7 years old now. I know that she is aware of the consequences of swallowing these beads and buttons. Therefore, I am never worried about her swallowing these trinkets by mistake. However, I do not want to take any such risks.

Reason 2: Dresses with such trinkets are extremely tough to maintain. They require a lot of careful maintenance. Without the right maintenance, these beads and buttons will come out of the dress even with a gentle wash.

• Choose Dresses Made from Organic Fabrics

I always prefer choosing dresses made from completely organic and safe fabrics. A few dress manufacturers use lead-based paints to dye their clothing materials. These dyes come off very easily and affect the immune as well as nervous systems of the individuals. The dyes can also produce harmful fumes in hotter environments, therefore, putting the safety of my little girl at risk.

Tips on Maintaining the Dresses to Increase their Longevity

I always used to wonder how to take care of birthday party dresses to make them last for a longer period. Therefore, I did a lot of reading on this topic and found several helpful tips that help me increase the longevity of these dresses. Now, I use the following tips to take care of costly birthday dresses.

• Follow the Wash and Care Instructions Diligently

One key benefit of purchasing the branded apparel is that they come with a proper set of care and maintenance instructions. These instructions help me take care of the dresses in the best manner possible. Now, I wash and iron the dresses extremely gently and use high-quality detergents to do so. For the dresses with small trinkets and fine embroidery, I always prefer giving them to professional dry cleaners for maintenance.

• Get the Dresses Cleaned by a Professional Laundromat

Every alternate weekend I drive down to the most professional and trustworthy laundromat in my town. I need to drive for almost an hour to reach the place. However, I feel that the long drive is completely worth the effort since I get the best laundry services at this store. I always get a timely delivery and receive the dresses feeling completely fresh and new.

This laundromat is the costliest one in town. However, the quality of services that I get with it is incomparable. Therefore, I do not mind spending the extra money to take care of my girl’s designer dresses.

• Wash Dresses with Little Trinkets Gently

Ideally, I give the dresses with the little trinkets away to professional laundromats. However, whenever I do not have the time to do so, I always wash them gently. I soak them in the detergent for around 30 minutes and then spin them in a top load washing machine at the gentle speed settings for 15 minutes.

I always fill the washing machine up to the brim with water while putting these clothes for a spin so that the dresses do not suffer damage by getting scraped across the walls of the machine.

• Always Use the Branded Detergents

One more thing that I just do not compromise with is the brand of the detergent. I have personally tried and tested multiple brands of detergents over the years and now I have found the one that is perfect. Although it is almost twice as expensive as the other detergents in the market, the cost is justified with the kind of wash that I get.

I also use a conditioner additive that helps me provide the necessary fluffiness and softness to all the clothes.

• Wash Colored and White Birthday Dresses Separately

This tip is a no-brainer. However, still, most people including me forget implementing it on a regular basis. Now, I always wash white and colored clothes separately. Most of the branded clothes never leak any colors during the wash. However, a few that do are now washed differently than the rest.

I advise my laundromat to wash to white clothes separately. To make sure that there is no mix-up, I always carry two laundry bags to the store. One with all the white clothes and the second one with all the colored clothes.

• Choose the Relevant Accessories Related to the Dress Wisely

The practice of creating wholesome outfits has helped me drill down on the fashion sense to the minute levels. Now, I never buy accessories or dresses impulsively. Instead, whenever I feel the shop to urge, I go out and choose the right dress and the matching accessories, all in one attempt. This way, I always aim at the creation of a single complete outfit all the time.

• Do Not Wash the Dress with Detergents and Water Very Often

I do not wash the dresses very often. The weave of the fabric suffers a considerable amount of damage when you wash them again and again. Therefore, I always prefer washing them with water and detergents only when necessary. For the rest of the times, I always prefer giving them away to the laundromat for dry cleaning.

Even when I do need to wash the dresses, I prefer soaking them in the right detergents and conditioners instead of washing them at high-speed settings in a washing machine. This helps me preserve the overall integrity and strength of the weave for a longer period.

I used to stress about choosing the perfect floor-length dress for my little girl whenever she attended a kid’s birthday party. However, now I have developed the patience to purchase the right dress at the right time. I try not to overthink these purchase decisions and choose the dresses that give me the right gut feeling.

Now whenever my little girl is invited to a kid’s birthday party, I check the closet first for a dress that suits the theme of the party correctly. Most of the times, I find a dress that is just perfect for the occasion. Whenever I don’t, I just go and shop for one without stressing about finding the perfect fit for the kid’s birthday party.

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