Nurturing A Single Child vs Siblings

Nurturing a single child vs siblings
The decision on how many kids couples want to have is a very sensitive decision, where they need to consider a number of issues. Different parents prefer having different number of kids. Some want a lot of kids, some want a single kid and some don’t even aspire to become parents. Raising a single kid is very different from raising many kids.
As much as the decision of how many kids you should have lies in your hands, sometimes circumstances determine the number of kids you need to have. The most important point to consider before deciding on the number of kids you should have is how to bring them up. The stage of bringing up kids is an expensive stage. Your kids will always be your responsibility even when they grow up.

How nurturing a single child is different from nurturing siblings
1. Competition for attention.
When you have a single child, all your concentration goes to him/her. You provide everything good to the child. You will always think of that one child and most probably nothing will distract you from giving him/her proper attention always. Having two or more kids brings about competition for attention. Each kid needs your attention and it is definitely hard to attend to them like they want you to, since there’s divided attention.
2. Bond/ Attachment.
Parents who have only one child get very attached to them. The love they give to their child is very strong. It is easier to have a strong bond with a single person than it is to have bonds with two or more people. When you have two or more kids, it gets hard for you to grow that strong parent-child bond. The ties keep on breaking since it is obvious that you will trust some more than the rest
3. Economy and resources.
Bringing up a single child is much less expensive as compared to bringing up two or more kids. When building a family, economy is very important. When you have a single kid, you will probably have resources to give them a good lifestyle. Many parents with more children have difficulties sustaining their kids. An only child gets the best in everything.
4. Pressure and expectations
An only child often gets pressure from parents especially in academics. Parents want this single child to carry on with the family legacy and maintain the family name. You find that if his/her father is an engineer, he wants this child to be an engineer too. In families with more than one child, the probability of there being an intelligent kid over the rest is high. This means that the parents don’t have to pressure them too much. The good kids will maintain the family legacy and support the rest who may not be responsible.
5. Social skills and loneliness
A single child often feels lonely at home. Playing with parents is different from how they would play if they had siblings. Kids who have other siblings grow very outstanding social skills. They get used to interacting with other kids even before they start going to school

Generally, bringing up single child has a lot of advantages especially to the parents. With a single child, you don’t have a lot of responsibilities.

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