Obesity in kids and how to prevent it


Obesity is the state when someone’s body weight to height ratio does not relate accordingly. Obesity is measured by relating someone’s body weight to the height, as in dividing someone’s weight in kilograms by their height in meters. In medical language, this is referred to as (Body Mass Index). In simpler terms, it is having more body fat than the required amounts. Sometimes for kids obesity is discovered by doctors relating kid’s weight to average kids’ weight.
Obesity is common to kids, and without controlled measures could lead to lifetime obesity conditions. As parents, I’m sure you don’t want your kids to get this condition and later blame yourself in life for not preventing them from falling into this condition.
How do you know if your kid is obese?
Constantly, during clinics and other medical check-ups, doctors record child’s health information such as height, weight and stuff.
-There’s the average height and weight for kids of a certain age. After doctor’s tests, some kids’ weight doesn’t match to the average weight for normal kids. This suggests that your kid could be obese. It’s hard to really be sure that this is an obese condition but it’s most likely that your kid is obese.
-‘Pinch’ test.
This is measuring the thickness of flesh over a kid’s bicep muscles or under the arm. Unusual thickness of the flesh could mean that your kid is obese.

Causes of obesity in kids:

1. Eating fatty foods
This is the most immediate cause of obesity in kids. Mind a lot about the kinds of foods you let your kids take. Eating too much foods could cause obesity. Junk foods are more likely to cause this condition.

2. Parental genes
If you suffer from natural obesity, your kids are most likely to inherit this condition from you. This could cause your kids to be overweight just like you.

3. Lack of enough exercise
During kids’ development stages, exercise is a key factor as they tend to have a lot of energy in their bodies. Lack of enough exercise affects kids’ hormonal systems in turn causing obesity.

Obesity could cause a lot of more damage than just having a big body. Obesity triggers diabetes and other coronary heart diseases which are so fatal to your kid. This means that you should do your best to avoid obesity.

How to avoid obesity:

1. Controlled eating schedules
You should regulate the amount of junk foods that your kids consume. It’s easier to make a routine eating schedule than it is to cure obesity, so you should try this out.

2. Help your kid do some exercise
Kids are not aware about conditions such as obesity, so you should be the one in control of their lifestyle. Try to do some exercise with your kids, such as random running and simple squats.

3. Let kids have enough sleep.
Kids’ hormones are very active in their developmental stages. Some hormones operate when the body is resting. Having enough sleep helps hormones to control rates of fats digestion and other nutrients.

It’s not hard to practise the above routine measures to save your child from acquiring obesity. For sure it’s easier to avoid obesity than it is to heal it so let’s just avoid it.

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