You made that decision and were keeping your fingers crossed . Were you disappointed to get your periods. Do not expect to conceive at the snap of your fingers.

Well  for a few it can be as easy .But for some  it can really test the patience.

Keep your calm !! You will get there. Know a few tips how to get there faster. Just understand there is no magic wand which can get you pregnant. So do what needs to be done first and foremost:

Do the most inevitable: To get pregnant the egg has to meet the sperm and that can happen when the ripened egg is released from the ovary which is called ovulation. Timing is the key when you are trying to get pregnant. Hence intercourse has to happen on ovulating days or a few  days early as the sperm can live  for almost 5 days where as the female egg can be fertilized for almost 24 hours of being released . Hence it is advisable to have intercourse with your partner during this fertile window of 5 days before or on the day of ovulation.

How to calculate ovulation days:

Menstrual cycle:

Days of ovulation can be calculated if you do not have irregular menstrual cycle. For someone who has a 28 days cycle Day 1 being the 1st day of menstruation ,ovulation happens around the 14th day . It is important to have intercourse around this period .

Ovulation Kit:

To find out your date of ovulation these days over the counter ovulation kits are easily available. These kits help in predicting the release of eggs.The eggs fertilize between 12 -24 hours of ovulation.

There are two types of ovulation kits available in the market- urine based and saliva based. These kits indicate surge in LH which happens 24-36 hours before ovulation. Hence you can plan accordingly. Ovulation kits are mostly effective and considered very useful for women who are trying to conceive.

Basal Body temperature:

Keeping a track of your basal body temperature is another way to track your ovulation. The regular body temperature of a woman’s body ranges between 96-99 degree Farenheit. Just befor the release of eggs the temperature raises by almost half a degree and remains so till start of menstruation.  This is not considered to be a very effective way to keep a track of ovulation.

Change in Vaginal Mucus:

Just a few days before ovulation the vaginal mucus becomes clear, slippery and stretchy and starts feeling like raw egg white. This is the sign that ovulation is about to happen.

All the above methods come handy in predicting the most fertile days. Take your pick and get going.

Myth : A most common myth about pregnancy is that it can happen anytime of the month.

Fact: Timing is the key.

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