Physical Development Of Kids Equally Important

Physical development of kids equally important
Physical development includes how the body grows and how it tends to learn to do things. Kids’ bodies grow to take the structural nature of an adult human. This is a very crucial stage for your kid. Many parents assume it is obvious that your kid will develop like they should without concern and help. Some kids are slower in learning how to do things with their legs, arms, fingers and stuff.
Different physical changes take place at different ages. Most of the times, physical development takes place sequentially, like there is what comes before the other in learning how to do things whereas sometimes more sharp kids tend to skip some stages and go directly to more complex ones , though this is not common.
There are two types of muscle activities in kids’ physical development:
1. Large motor skills.
• Good balance.
• Running comfortably.
• Hopping on each foot.
• Catch a ball thrown to them.
• Steering a tricycle.
2. Fine motor skills.
• Proper use of utensils eg during meals.
• Getting dressed with little or no help.
• Picking some small stuff from ground such as pegs.
How to aid kids’ physical development.
1. Ball kicking.
Take your child out on a field and try ball kicking. During the kicking, it is advisable that you ask your kid to alternate legs each hitting time. This foot exercise is very helpful in leg development. Being active is needed during this physical development. Keep changing the size of the ball from small to large to make the kid master art of targeting.
2. Go out for short distance hikes and nature walks.
During this kinds of walks, engage your kid in running, hopping, throwing stuff and other activities. This facilitates proper growth of leg muscles and also other muscles associated with the hands. This is also healthy.
3. Stretch out body parts.
This includes exercising toes, feet, arms and the neck. These are easy exercises. Engage your kids in these exercises. Show them how to stretch the neck by looking side to side then up and down. Help them wiggle their toes and fingers. Ask them to stand on one leg for some time.
4. Dance to the music.
This is a great way to do exercise with your kid. Try dancing to a certain music especially styles that enhance a lot of movement, bending and jumping. This is fun and it highly boosts your kid’s physical development. You can also try teaching them how to use a drum and other musical instruments.
5. Wash things such as cars, bikes and dogs.
Take time with your kid to wash your car. Make sure the kid is active in the washing. This kind of activity is very helpful in your kid’s physical growth and development. You can even try blowing bubbles and catching them with them.
6. Discourage inactivity.
Try to discourage your kid from staying idle most of the times. Do not let them keep watching TV from morning to evening. Encourage them to engage themselves in active play with toys, other kids, dogs and other activities but not many hours of inactivity.
You definitely want your kid to have good physical development, to master a lot of things and grow to be a healthy buddy. Try the above activities.

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