Play Schools – Foundation Of Kids Learning!


Play schools – Foundation of kids learning!

One of the dreams every mom and dad have is to see their child going to their first school, that to with a smiling face and happily waving hand to the worried parents. But some parents face a lot of challenges while sending their children to their school for the very first time.

There are few kids who move out very happily even on their first day at school. But many of them cry a lot and don’t want to leave the hand of their parents. The initial school for kids must be the one which provide an environment where kids can be moulded in a very casual way. When a child is young, it is much easier to gel with others. In the early years only, kids must form a habit of interaction with new faces. Otherwise, they may take some time to be social as they tend to become a bit conscious.

Importance of play schools

* The play schools provide a foundation to kids on which their future schooling will be based. They prepare the kids for next level and inculcate the schooling system in a very fun way.

* Generally small kids are not willing to stay away from their mom and dad. They start weeping when they are with somebody else. The play schools make it easier for kids to create a distance from their parents. Kids get involve in various type of fun and learning activities that they don’t even miss their parents.

* The tiny tots can try their hands-on creative activities such as drawing, colouring, pottery and so on. These schools provide opportunities to explore their talent as well.

* In company of other children, kids learn to share and work in groups.

Tips for parents before sending their kids to school 

* Get them school bags, bottle, tiffin’s etc with their favourite cartoon characters on it.
* You may pack some interesting food for your child in lunch box. A surprising element may also be added.
* Never show your fears and worries about him/her in front of the child.
* Make them ready on time because children may panic by rushing at last minute.
* Breakfast is a must before going to school.
*Encourage your child by telling the positive points of school.

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