Are you ready for the magic

Are you thinking of going the family way . Are you ready for the plunge. Have the both of you thought through this? Parenthood is one of the most beautiful experiences ever but do remember , You are going to be responsible for a tiny  life which brings in a lot of responsibilities and commitments along with it.

The decision:

Be absolutely sure that this is the right time for you to get into this. If both of you are working then think through about the options you have to take care of the child. Having a work life balance is important once you are a parent. Do talk to other members of the family in terms of the support which might be required from them.

Financial Planning:

It is important to do the financial planning even before you think of taking the plunge. Be aware of the cost involved in child birth .Plan the insurance accordingly. Also make calculations of the cost involved in raising a child and future expenses. Be prepared as a responsible parent before taking the decision.

So finally you have decided to take the plunge .Congratulations!! Now you are  prepared emotionally and financially for parenthood.  But is your body ready for it yet ??  Sometimes pregnancy can happen at the snap of fingers but for few it can really test your patience.

When it is a planned pregnancy it is important to keep a few things in mind to equip yourself completely for it.

1. Preconception health:

It is very important to know your health condition and  family history before conceiving as this can affect you as well as the baby. It is advisable to be at a healthy weight before conception . Discuss your medical history  with your health provider  as health problems like diabetes, thyroid ,blood pressure can directly affect your pregnancy.  He can most likely suggest a few tests like pelvic test or screen you for STD if you are  at a risk .You can also be suggested to go for a genetic carrier screening depending on your family history.

2. Consumption of folic acid :

It is very crucial to start intake of minimum 400 mcg of folic acid at least a month before you conceive. This lowers the risk of  brain and spine related birth defects.

3. Lifestyle changes:

If you have been thinking about getting out of that unhealthy habbit, Now is the time. Research suggests smoking and drugs  can affect your fertility and sometimes  leads to miscarriage .Stop consumption of alcohol to avoid any harmful effect to your baby. You can attend counseling sessions if it is difficult to quit. But do the best for your baby. Make the right food choices . Eat plenty of fruits,  vegetable, calcium rich food like milk curd etc and protein rich food like poultry, beans, nuts  etc. Limit your caffeine intake to 200 mg per day.

If you are having a complete sedentary lifestyle do incorporate light exercises in your daily routine. Walking , cycling, swimming or yoga are recommended.

4. Get going:

Once you are all set you need to throw that contraceptive measure out of the window and get going. You can also use an Ovulation calculator to find out your fertile days so that the chances of conceiving are higher.

The coming 9 months are going to be a beautiful experience along with a few challenges . So brace yourself and get ready to experience it.

Good Luck!!

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