Quench Your Thirst By Homemade Drinks This Summer


With soaring temperatures, our needs to cool ourselves and our kids with yummy cool drinks also soar. We quench our kid’s thirst with packaged drinks but these preservative and chemical laden drinks give empty calories and zero nutrition.
Increasing awareness and social media has made parents much more health conscious. We research and are more conscious of our diet as compared to few years back. Searching for organic eatables, counting calories, avoiding junk foods and exercising and what not. But in these rising temperatures, when we want to quench our thirst, we look for packaged drinks. We should quench our and our kid’s thirst with simple homemade drinks prepared from natural products. These healthy nutrient rich, natural drinks would not only quench their thirst but also keep them cool, energetic and nourished. These drinks would save them from dehydration, heat strokes and keep them well hydrated and away from digestive system woes which increase during summer season.
During summers, keep in mind following things for your loved one’s good health and keep them hydrated.
• Drink lots of water at least 3-4 litres in a day.
• Fresh fruits like watermelons, cucumber and melons are loaded with water and are rich source of nutrients like Vitamins and essential minerals. Eat those.
• Drink Traditional Indian homemade drinks like lassi, butter milk, rose sharbat, thandai, lemonade, Aam panna, mango smoothie, banana smoothie, sattu drink etc. These are nutrition rich and delicious drinks and can be prepared with easily available ingredients in very less time. These drinks could be prepared to suit individual taste buds be it salty, sweet or tangy or a mix of all. Add a twist to regular drinks by adding zing in aam Panna with soda or add fresh mint to your lemonade for the freshness. You could even add Mango to your lassi or Rose syrup can also make a regular lassi into a great summer cooler. These twists would be appealing to the palate of younger generations.
• Quench your thirst by healthy summer foods which make you slimmer, calmer and stronger. Sugarcane juice is a great drink as it is a rich source of Vitamin A, C, B12, iron, calcium and potassium and is a great anti-inflammatory and detoxifies our body.
• Bael sharbat stabilises blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. It’s antifungal and anti-microbial properties makes our immunity system strong.
• Kokum aids in digestion and treats inflammatory ailments and bowel complaints. It keeps cholesterol in check.
• Watermelon has high water content and can satisfy your sweet tooth without spiking your sugar levels. It is beneficiary for muscle recovery post workout.
• Barley lemon water is a great drink and promotes good bacteria growth in colon. Barley mixed with sattu or roasted gram flour is a great protein supplement post workout. It also helps in relieving water retention from the body.
• Mint or Pudina has great anti allergic effect and is a great source of iron. It brings freshness and prevents bad odour and has soothing effect.
• Coconut water is a great pre workout drink and it has arginine, which helps our body to respond to stress.
• Gulkand prepared from fresh rose leaves has great cooling effect and can help you fight with heat related problems like fatigue, lethargy, itching, pain etc. It even helps in reducing acidity and thus helps in treating ulcers etc.
Packaged drinks do provide convenience but preservatives have an adverse effect on the health of our loved ones. These sugar laden drinks do quench our kid’s thirst and make them feel energetic but these are empty calories with zero nutrition and we need to look for better alternatives. Prepare fresh homemade drinks with fresh, seasonal fruits and natural ingredients to boost your muchkin’s overall health and keep them hydrated and cool this summer.

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