Ridiculously Easy-To-Make “Mocktails” For Kids Party!

Niharika has just finished the last conference call before the long weekend, as she puts up her tired swollen feet on the stool. Her eight month of pregnancy has been quite an uphill task, with her hands full.

Prabhat gallops inside the house with their son, a five-year old, Aryan. As he pauses to asses the contours of Niharika’s tired face, he says “will you have something, darling?”

Her mind wanders into an imaginary ‘list’ that she has been pondering over for quite some time now, even throughout her call. She speaks after a pause; “Some tea would be great. Thank you, dear.”

As she sighs, she continues to talk; “tomorrow’s school potluck is giving me jitters! I have no strength in me to get up and start preparing things. Don’t know how we will manage….”

Prabhat brews the tea and adds in few strands of grated ginger. He hears Niharika but does not respond. He thinks hard, as he fills a snack bowl with Niharika’s favourite banana chips. Then an idea strikes him, just like lightening! As Prabhat enters the living area with the tea and chips in his hand, he announces; “tell the group, we will bring mocktails for the kids party!!”

Niharika takes a deep breath, smiles with joy and enjoys her steaming cup of tea…

Here are Prabhat’s effortless yet totally “blockbuster mocktails” for kids:

  1. Elaichi Lassi: Probably the simplest and the most delicious drink you can make and relish is this one! All you need is curd, sugar (to taste), grounded elaichi (or cardamom) and few strands of kesar (or saffron) to garnish. In a blender, add curd (you can add in a little water if the curd is too thick, else go for the ‘just curd’ version), sugar (or honey), elachi powder and blend it till the sugar is dissolved. now pour in serving glasses and garnish with a few strands of kesar. What’s next? Drink it up and feel awesome!
  1. Citrus Punch: The best shield that you can give to your child in this unpredictable weather, is the gift of Vitamin C. And this drink is all about that! For one glass of the punch, squeeze in half a lemon in about half a glass of crushed ice. now add sugar to taste (you can replace with honey for a healthier option). In this, add half a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Add a dash of cinnamon powder and stir well. Here’s to good health…..Cheers!!
  1. Tropical Coconut: This rock-n-roll version of coconut water will make your kids fall in love with one of the most multivitamin-packed, natural drink. All you need is to add a few chopped mint leaves, some tender coconut pieces (finely copped), honey and a dash of lemon to tender coconut water. Serve in see through glasses with a tall spoon. Your kids will have fun sipping and munching on this incredible drink.
  1. Red Cheeks: A drink so rosy and royal to look at that it might just win a ‘beauty pageant’!! Chunks of watermelon and strawberry crushed in a blender with some honey or brown sugar. Next pour this mixture into glasses filling about one-third of each. Add either regular or sparkling water to fill up the glass and stir well. Garnish with a watermelon wedge on the glass’s edge (wow that almost sounded like a poem!!). Lets see who all gets ‘red cheeks’ after a shot of this delightful potion.

Prabhat, Niharika, Aryan and the other one still-on-the way, wish you a fun-filled, flavourful and healthy ‘Summer of 2019’.

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