Role Of Siblings In A Child’s life


Parents specially first timers tend to be over possessive about their baby. They shower that extra care to make sure everything is perfect. This experimenting process brings about a lot of experiences and learning. So, when they have their second child, things are much more easier and lenient. They are able to handle everything with more specifications as they have already been through this before.

Besides the parents, the child who have siblings is more likely to get a new way of learning, observing and a company for the maximum time. Since childhood, kids can spend the majority of their time with siblings. Being living at same place kids tend to form a special bond with their elder or younger brothers and sisters. They become more like friends. The elder ones often help their siblings in studies and act to be their teacher. Kids always approach to their siblings first in difficult situations even before parents. This shows how comfortable they are in interacting with them and that too without any hesitation.

For a toddler, it is quite important to see the other kids around. Thereby, enhancing learning skills much more faster. They tend to copy them while eating and absorb their activities before age. Interestingly , there is always someone to play with them. When parents can’t afford to be with child due to their prior work, the child is not alone. This is only because siblings provide each other a good company and there is never a feeling of loneliness.

Thus, there is a remarkable role of siblings in a child’s life. Siblings are not only each other’s strength in need but also provide a sense of protection. Elder ones act as role models and tend to set some benchmarks which motivates the younger ones.

For some parents who have single child have to be very particular in regard of how they bought up their kids. Having no other kids at home there can always be a feeling of boredom and ignored. Thus, may make a child feel depressed. A child may not enjoy the things which you are doing. You need to put extra effort to make things more interesting.

Below are some points which parents having single child must consider-

Never leave your child alone
Younger kids can not differentiate between things which are good for them or not. When a child is with other elder kids around there is always someone to take care. But if a child is the only one in family, parents have to manage their time so that they never leave the child alone. Otherwise child may feel lonely.
Indulge yourself with child in games
Every child likes to play with other kids. Their childish act and silly games makes them happy. You really need to push yourself into that age and play like kids.
Take your child out
Make it a routine for every day to take your child out. It may be in a garden where a child get to play around with other kids. It can be a short walk or move out for a daily household shopping. It will be a good refreshing segment of time for both of you.
Make your kid join some learning classes
A child may get frustrated if doesn’t get some kind of change .Like it’s better to get down some nearby dancing classes. This will allow a child to make new friends.

It’s a matter of your choice either single child or more but most essential is to take into consideration that a child must not feel the incompleteness of any sort. Obviously, some of your efforts can give your child a great childhood phase.

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