Screen Time For Kids – Say “Yes” Or “No“?


In the present era where no one can do without screen, saying no to your child can’t be a practical solution. Do not mind but you are also reading this, either on a phone or a computer, However, that does not mean we make it accessible to our little ones all the time. Eventually, we need to be careful and keep in mind our Child’s age. Let’s adhere to some ground rules –

  1. Infants should not be exposed to screens.
  2. Toddler’s exposure to screens should be kept bare minimum, not more than thirty minutes a day.
  3. Children who are five years or older can be allowed an hour or so. Better not in one stretch.
  4. Teenagers should limit screen time to two hours maximum.
  5. Co – viewing with your child whenever possible, else preset or decide the high quality educational programmes and videos which are good for their development.

We should also explain them positives and negatives of working on a screen, it helps them to understand moderation is the key.

Ways to achieve it –

  • Stop screen time at least two hours before going to bed, else sleep disruption will take over.
  • Keep some distance from the devices, so, it does not impact your vision.
  • Use the right postures, especially while using smartphones as this can lead to neck and shoulder pain.
  • Put a hard stop, for example; no more than an hour screen time a day.
  • Invest in buying blue line filters and anti glares.
  • If you must work on a screen for long, remember to blink frequently and take breaks.
  • Do what you preach, if you are excessively indulging with screens they may not listen to you.

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