Secrets Of Being A Happy Mom


Day in and day out I come across a lot of young mothers who are not happy from within.  There may be many reasons for them being unhappy, sometimes genuine, sometimes just fatigue and monotony.

Nowadays couples mostly plan their babies after they settle down well, generally both the husband and wife are earning and hence in a financial comfortable situation.  Sometimes they get family support, if not then they can afford to hire help.  They give their children the best toys, best facilities, yet somewhere I see moms still wanting more, still unhappy.

I have raised 2 kids in an era when social media wasn’t prevalent, when I couldn’t afford to hire help, when I didn’t have any family support other than my husband yet barring few days I was and am never an unhappy mother.

Sharing few tips from my own experience to keep your sanity intact and be happy as a mother:

  1. Never compare yourself with other mothers.  Every mother has her own way of raising her children, her own set of problems. No mother is 100% correct or 100% wrong when it comes to raising her children.  Motherhood is a daily learning process.
  2. Never label yourself as a failure as a mother.  I have faced many challenging days raising 2 kids in a nuclear set-up, many meltdowns, many tears, but never have I considered myself to be a failure.  Mothers should always remember the fact that they are also human beings.  They can have their good days and bad days. It is okay to cry, sulk, get angry, to make mistakes.
  3. Never compare your kids to other kids. Each kid is unique and should be cherished the way he/she is.
  4. If kids, fathers, every other person on earth can make mistakes, why can’t the mother make mistakes? People judge mothers very harshly at times but give yourself the leeway of making mistakes and learning from them.
  5. Never consider motherhood to be a burden, end of dreams and goals, a “thankless job” or “sacrifice.”  Motherhood no doubt is a difficult and challenging journey, but let’s face it, we brought the kids in this world and we cannot blame them to be the “end of our life”. Cherish each day of motherhood, kids really grow up fast.  No, life doesn’t come to an end after the kids.
  6. Strike the right balance of being strict and being friendly with your kids. Raising kids to be disciplined and good humans is no mean feat, but with the right approach it’s not difficult either.  Playing and talking with kids, of any stage, can lighten up your mood any time!
  7. Don’t engross yourself so much into motherhood that you forget yourself.  Take care of yourself. Go out and meet friends, go to the parlour, go for walks.  Let your husband take care of your child and spend time with him/her.  It is very important to maintain your sanity and unwind and rejuvenate.

Remember when you were expecting your child, you had promised him/her that you will always keep him/her happy, and a happy mother raises happy kids.


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