Self Care for Mums

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It’s time to put yourself on top priority mums! Yes, that means being a little bit selfish at times and putting your joys and needs on top of the to-do list. As hard and selfish as it may sound, it shouldn’t be frowned upon at all. The key to living a happy life, feeling healthy, and feeding the soul is through finding that balanced lifestyle through intentional choices and by not neglecting selfcare.

Recent research suggests that many mums, whether stay-at-home or working, work on an average of 98 hours per week and that an average mum gets less than 20 minutes to herself in a day. That surely sounds like one over worked and exhausted mum. Another factor that contributes to the exhaustion is the loneliness. As a mother, the relationship dynamics with your friends, work colleagues and even family members can change. Often the mum feels like she has no one to turn to, to talk and share about her feelings, further creating a negative environment in the house.

It is very essential that mums take care of themselves and their wellbeing, because the effort they put into looking after themselves will have significant payoffs for their children. These are the mums which will have that extra bit more energy, more patience, more happiness and more love towards their children.

Let’s look at a few simple ways to practice self care for mums:

1.  Play some music that will lift up your spirits. It could be your favourite hit song at the moment, some music with a strong message or even some soft melodious instrumental music to help you calm down.

2. Go for a walk. The green around you, the fresh air and the sounds of nature can do wonders to your spirit. Connect with nature and allow yourself to feel the sense of calmness.

3. Eat well and feed your body with good, healthy food. Yes, we love sugar cravings, but avoid eating out of guilt. Make a conscious decision to nourish yourself with high-quality meals that you enjoy.

4. Put your feet up and read a book or watch some TV that you’ve been meaning to. With kids, it can feel like you know so much more about cartoon characters that’s playing all day. Now, it’s time to change the channel and watch something that you enjoy.

5. Start writing a journal. You don’t have to be an excellent writer for this. Just write about your feelings and allow yourself to express in a way that’s comfortable to you. Just having the opportunity to unburden your thoughts will help you feel light.

6. Go out for coffee or drinks with a friend or your partner, even if for just an hour. Don’t let motherhood be the reason for you to lose touch with those you love. Having the opportunity to just be yourself with your friend and reconnect can most certainly lift your spirits.

7. Go somewhere special with your child. Yes, selfcare doesn’t always have to mean you must leave your child behind. Go for an ice cream date, just the two of you, and give each other some undivided attention.

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