Six Mantras For A ‘Happy Holi-2019’!


Aarav gives a deaf ear to mummy’s plea to have a good breakfast before running off to play holi with his friends. He barely eats a fruit, loads his water-gun, grabs a packet of deep-purple color and rushes off to join the army of unrecognisable, deeply ‘camouflaged with color’ children in the socitey.

After about an hour, Aarav’s papa goes around trying to find where and exactly who his son is….when he hears a coarse grunt from behind…. ‘hey no one will throw water on him, he is my father’. Papa tries hard to see which one of the masked-under-gross-colors is his son? Just then a battalion of the kids from the other ‘gang’ throws buckets of maroon-colored water on papa’s clothes. Before he could get a hold of himself, all he hears is…..”you put water on my father? now wait….my gang will not leave you today….come on, everyone!!” And the multicoloured little human beings disappear from the sight into a cloud of….you guessed it right….color….

Its true, holi is a festival of fun, frolic and exotic food. But it is a good idea to keep a few things in mind for your children’s safety, to ensure that it remains an experience to be cherished, and not feared.

Here are six tips to help your kids and you have the most fulfilling time during holi:

1.Eco-friendly colours will be a good way to ensure a non-toxic holi for all. Market is full of great options of natural colours made out of turmeric, sandalwood, henna and more. An excellent way to ensure that your child stays away from skin allergies and rashes on such a fun day!

2.Say no to water-balloons! I hate to dampen the fun by sharing this that water balloons may cause irreparable damage, especially to children, if thrown with great force and at sensitive areas such as eyes ears and so on. It is best avoided. There are definitely many more ways to have a rocking holi!

3.Deeply moisturise and coat their skin. Let coconut oil, olive oil and sunscreen be your family’s best-buddies on this day. Before anyone heads out of the home, a generous coating of any of these will go a long way in protecting the skin from any harm. So keep them handy!

4.Clothe them well. Full covered clothes are most preferable as they help avoid direct contact with any color or contaminated water. Always go for them.

5.Propagate a cautions holi. Teach your children to be mindful of the other people and their desire to participate in the festival. Let them not showcase any ‘rude’ or ‘aggressive’ behaviour, just an excuse to have fun. It will also be a good idea to keep a few emergency contact numbers handy just in case any unfortunate event occurs.

6.Lastly, if will be a good idea to keep a watch on your child. There are a number of reasons due to which things may go wrong and in this case as well, ‘prevention’ is surely better than ‘cure’. So keep one eye on them even if they do not like you tailgating! After all, here’s where we too can say….. “bura na mano, holi hai……”

Having said the above, lets also make this a festival of love and togetherness. Go generous in loading your children with goodness of home-cooked, ghee-laden, nuts-encrusted sweets and savouries. After all, what is holi without mouth-watering dishes such as dahi-bhalla, papdi-chat, gujiya, mal-pua, thandai and hot-crispy pakoras.

Wish you all a safe, fun-filled and a memorable HOLI 2019!


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