Skin Care Tips For Busy Moms

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One of the features that I am often complimented on is my skin.  My skin makes me look younger than my age.

Like all the moms, I have very limited time in my hands and hence following an elaborate skin care regime is not possible.  But we all moms can at least take out 10 minutes for ourselves every day, can’t we?

Post 30 women should be more diligent with skin care.  This is the time when our body starts ageing and as women our bodies go through a lot of wear and tear and hormonal changes.  Just few minutes a day is enough.

Never ever go for a crash diet.  It impacts the overall health and skin is no exception.  Never skip any food group.  Eat healthy.  Stay hydrated.  Drink water, milk, juices, buttermilk to keep yourself well hydrated.  When your inner health is good, it reflects on the skin.  Any form of exercise increases blood circulation.  Exercise helps remove toxins from the body and the skin gets a good glow.  No need to invest in gym or sulk if you don’t have time to go for Zumba or yoga class.  Just half an hour to 1 hour walk a day and freehand stretches with some meditation is enough.  You can do it in the comfort of your home.

Always invest in a good day and night cream.  Try out a small pack of a good brand and see if it suits your skin.  These creams are mild and specifically formulated to work on skin during day and night time.  I have the habit of washing my face with a mild face wash every morning after brushing and then applying moisturizer.  Use a mild face wash twice or thrice a day based on your skin type.  There are face washes available for oily, dry and normal skin.

Use branded and good makeup products.  Cheaper products will end up harming your skin.  It’s not necessary that you must buy expensive imported makeup products.  Always use a cleanser to remove your makeup before going to bed, no matter how tired you are.  Clean your face and apply night cream before sleeping.  It hardly takes few minutes.

I use a lot of homemade face packs for my skin.  Mix egg white, besan, curd, little turmeric and honey.  Apply this on face.  After it dries wash it off.  This packs helps in keeping wrinkles at bay and gives a glow to the skin.  Similarly, you can use a mix of rosewater, honey and besan; mix of chandan, multani mitti and rosewater.  Rubbing slices of fruits like papaya, strawberry, mashed banana also gives instant shine.

Lastly, our state of mind reflects on our face and skin.  Be happy, try to find happiness in small things, be content.


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