Some Cool Tips For This Summer Vacation


Summer vacation is the time of the year awaited by everyone. We wait for festivals, birthdays etc., but summer vacations top the list if we have a school going kid. The entire year, we plan of so many things which we can do during this time, as it is a much awaited long vacation that comes just once a year. However, when the actual vacation time falls, most of us just tend to relax and while away the entire time doing nothing. Therefore the things you plan must be simple and easy so that you can easily endeavour the task.

List of interesting things you can do this summer with your little one:

1.  Make some photo album: Organizing photos, and making photo albums, is a task that we usually keep postponing the whole year. It requires patience and time, and can really favour a kid’s creative skills. So if your child is naturally artistic, and likes to do some art and craft, go for this activity.

2.  Make ice-creams: Making ice-creams is a fun thing to do in summers. And you can make some really easy and healthy options at home, in just a few hours. So cultivate some basic culinary skills in your little one while you make delicious ice-creams.

3.  Go swimming: Although hot water pools are an option, however, swimming in summers has its own charm. Especially if it is just a “me” time for you with your child. It will definitely be joyous create a lifelong bondage between you two if your child is young.

4.  Go outdoors: Adventures like zip-lining, ice-skating, visiting a water park, zoo etc. are definitely more fun during summers. These are tiring and need a post activity rest time. Also, these in itself consume a lot of time. So go for these activities during the summer vacation of your children.

5.  Arrange a party: Let your child organize a family reunion or a friend’s party all by himself/herself. You can help, but keep the menu simple and crisp, so that it is easy for the little one. This will boost up your child’s confidence and also make for a lifelong remembrance.

6.  Join some hobby class: Make your child join his/her favourite hobby class at this time, for which he/she was running out of time the whole year.

7.  Re-planning the kids’ room: Ask your child to re-plan his room. He will have to clean it in this manner, will have to exercise his brain to rearrange the stuff, will feel fresh and jubilant with a new setting, and will also advance space utilizing skills among children.

8.  Fly kites: If weather permits, fly kites with your children. These are activities that keep you close to nature, and are thus very refreshing not only for the children, but for the parents too.

9.  Play board games: Board games are great during the afternoons, when the outdoor temperatures become scorching. The days are also longer than the nights, so it is important to keep your kid busy in a manner that he/she does not dehydrate.

10.  Go fishing: Fishing is a fun thing to do while summers. It is kind of addictive if you know how to fish. So teach your child this fun activity while you get to spend some undisturbed time with him or her.

11.  Solve puzzles: Solving puzzles is another fun way to keep your child engaged indoors. And it will be great to boost both memory and intelligence. Choose puzzles according to the age of your kid, and I’m sure you both will relish the time.

And last but not the least; do not forget to spend an hour or two every-days, on the holiday’s homework as well! 🙂

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