Some Do’s While Travelling with A Baby


Travelling is always fun, in particular when you are travelling with your little toddler. Whether you are going for some vacation or paying a routine visit to your far off living aunt, you are for sure going to have a rollercoaster ride with the baby. Some moments might feel like a complete wow, and at some times the baby might pee, throw up, or just show tearful crying spells without no obvious reason at all. At one time they might get on your nerves, and the other moment you might feel there is no one more sober than your little angel. As parents one would definitely like to build the memories of travelling with infants, and if you are postponing the pleasure in the apprehension of the journey, try our smart parent travel tips.

  • PACK LUXURIOUSLY: The concept of light travel proves useless when you are travelling with your baby. Chances are pretty high that you would need some spare luggage. You can pack a few extra sets of clothing, both for yourself and your baby for contingency. Pack some playthings along with your child’s favourite rescue buddies (like soft toys), who can always soothe a crying baby.
  • PLAN SHORT BREAKS: Kids usually hate travelling as they cannot sit or lie down in one position for long. If your destination is far off, plan short journey breaks every two to three hours even if it adds a some extra travel time. Small breaks of 10-15 minutes work wonders with the little ones as they feel refreshed and charged for the excursion ahead.
  • PREPARE FOOD: Always keep some food handy both for the journey and the stay. You kid might not like eating the foreign cuisine, or might miss home food, so better carry some milk formulas, or some baby snackers, or some home-made food with long shelf lives. You might hate if your baby stays hungry or unfed during your vacation.
  • CARRY SOME BABY CARRIER: Kids or even young children cannot walk for long. And walking is an integral part of travel and tourism. So make sure you are carrying some comfortable foldable stroller, pram or baby carrier for that matter depending upon your baby’s age and liking. This will ease out a lot of burden for you and you can also put some of your own stuff in the transporter.

So bend the rules and have a thrilling vacation with your little one. Kids love to go out, they love to explore. There is no need to freak out or get exhausted, thanks to your infant, if you plan your trip precisely. Never miss a vacation or postpone a trip fearing how your child would react to travelling, children are very flexible, it’s just that you will need to be a little flexible with your travel itinerary.

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