Some Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Kids Room Organised


Some tips and tricks to keep your kids room organised

Kids room tends to become so messy although you try so hard to keep it organised. You take all measures to ensure that it looks tidy. You even scold your little ones for creating all such mess. All you require is a little bit of the initial set up and the room may change altogether . After that kids will keep everything at their places all by themselves, thereby making them habitual of keeping the place clean. This will also help you keep yourself away from such hassles..

Here are some tricks which may help you to keep your kids room organised-

1. Arrange some shelves– Shelves can be added in the room where your kids may arrange their books, some stuffed toys, trophies and other items. Remember to keep the height of shelves accordingly keeping in mind your little one is able to reach it easily.

2. Bring some baskets-All you require is buy some baskets of different sizes and funny shapes. Prefer the ones with lids. They may be foldable also. Children can keep all their toys, cars, balls etc. Better make separate basket for each and  just categorize them.Doing this, kids can learn to fill up their toys after playing.

3.  Drawers – Opt for some drawers for stationary items if your kids are school going. You may arrange  colours, sketch pens, pencils etc in different drawers. Just add on some of  the drawer runners inside to keep all things in place.

4.  Wardrobes– Toddlers often throw their clothes on the floor. You may buy some cupboards imprinted with cartoon patterns to make it appealing for kids to keep their clothes by themselves.

5.Make stationary holders- If you have some old mugs or bottle, pick them up and convert into beautiful organisers and holders by decorating them with colourful fabrics or papers. These can be used to set all their scattered stationary items.

6. Try some blackboard paint – Small kids usually have a habit of writing on walls. They pick up any crayon, pencil or may be markers and just scribble it on walls.This is the way children are, they enjoy being like this. But it’s true walls become untidy too. To avoid such mess apply some blackboard paint on a specific wall area. This can become your kids writing area and can be cleaned very easily.

You can follow these as per your needs and make the room look nice and organised.

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