Somnambulism (Sleep Walking)


“Mumma, look at Radhika! Why is she watering the plants at 11 pm?” Quickly I rushed towards my daughter’s room to have a glance at it and yeah, saw through the window. Aparna was right! My daughter Aparna has the habit of studying late till night. I was about to sleep when I heard this from her so I entered her room. From her room, we could easily view the balcony of Mr. Chadha who has a beautiful daughter named Radhika. Aparna and Radhika are classmates. In these few years, we didn’t notice anything unusual but this was strange. After watering the plants, she stood in the balcony. Aparna called her name, waved hand at her. She stared at Aparna but as if she was senseless. A wave of worry ran through her and she called at Radhika’s home to check with her parents. Radhika’s mother came to the balcony and took her inside.

The next day I went to their home to inquire about this weird behavior. To which her mom said that even she doesn’t know about it. This was strange but we just waived it off. The following night, Aparna out of curiosity peeped through her window but didn’t find her. All of a sudden, she found Radhika walking downstairs in the park, Night time!! This gave some goosebumps. Immediately, Radhika’s parents were called and we suggested them to consult a doctor. As we found these two incidences very strange. It was a scene of sleep walking which can turn out to be more dangerous if not taken care of properly. It might continue in adult phase as well.

During this phase the child might be doing any of these:

– Move out from the bed

– Take a walk in the house

– Perform some activities like moving the furniture of the house, changing clothes etc.

– Their eyes will be open but they won’t be able to visualize things

– Any conversation with them would make no sense at all

– Strangely! They won’t remember an inch of this incidence the next morning.

Reasons of sleep walking:

Lack of proper sleep.


Effect of some medication


– Consult the doctor for better suggestions.

– All the doors and windows should be locked tightly and any window that may have a room for jumping out should be sealed properly with iron grill.

– Any sharp object should be removed from the vicinity

– If this episode occurs frequently, try to bring out some changes in the sleep time, as in make the child sleep in the afternoon too.

– If the sleep walking episode occurs at the same time every night, then try to wake the child 10-15 mins before the cycle starts so that the pattern changes and slowly slowly this habit goes away.

There is no specific treatment for this but a constant gentle guide and care can eventually help the child come out of this.

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