Stage Fear Among Kids


Stage fear refers to the hesitation to speak, perform or may be even stand on a stage in front of so many people. This is common among some kids. They are not able to move up on any platform. They are even scared of facing the audience. Parents need to work upon it if their kids are really in such situations. Otherwise, it may become a difficulty later.
In today’s competitive environment, an individual who is comfortable to express his views is preferred over others. As parents, you all need to focus on your kids personality development that too at initial years of their growth. Confidence level in some kids are quite low and are unable to express themselves. They are comfortable when they are doing any work in groups but when it comes to their individual work they face many hurdles in taking decisions.
Let us take an example, a child needs to perform a solo dance on stage in school. If he/she is comfortable and confident, will perform it well but if hesitate to perform in front of crowd and is not able to overcome the stage fear he/she won’t been able to do it perfectly. Kids usually start shivering, are not able to speak well or may not been even willing to participate in such situations. They will certainly make many excuses to keep themselves out of it. There is a need to identify such fear of your child and try to resolve them.
Here are some ways to overcome stage fear among kids
A. Participation – You really need to make your child indulge in competitions, school functions or any type of performances. It may be in their school or somewhere in your society. Stage fear can’t be gone by just counseling. Kids need to be on stage to practically face it.
B. Extra curricular activities – Make your kids join some activities other than academics as well. Go for any sport, music, dance and so on. This will make them active and will groom their personality.
C. Practice – Children can show their performance to their family, friends and relatives. Practicing will eradicate their flaws and make them also enhance the leadership quality. This will definitely make themmore confident on stage.
D. Socialize – Parents may arrange some small gatherings either at home or outside. They must also take their kids along while attendingparties so that they may be able to experience the large crowd and be able to settle down in any type of place. The alternate place for kids is their neighborhood. They can play with their friends and enjoy with them.
E. Act as role model– Kids always look up to their elders specially their parents and other family members. You really need to behave in a very broad ways so that your kids don’t develop shyness in them. So remember they are constantly watching you and learning from what they observe.
Remember you need to face your fears to overcome them. It is very well said ” The way outs of a problem is through it. ”

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