Steps To Drive Your Kid Away From Drugs And  Alcohol:


I read it somewhere and liked the lines so adding here-“Drugs, underage drinking, sex, all of these are dangerous for teenagers because the part of the brain that enables them to think through consequences hasn’t developed.”

These days kids are exposed to so many risky things that it’s actually tough to keep a track on it. But we as a parent cannot take a back seat when it comes to pushing them on the right path, in fact leading them to the right path.

In my vicinity, I found a boy in his teenage, who was unable to walk properly, moved a few steps and then collapsed straight on the floor. Thinking it to be a cardiac arrest, called an ambulance and by the time the family members too approached and he was taken to the hospital. To their surprise, the boy was addicted to “DRUGS”. A most challenging phase for any parent along with the kids who falls in the trap.

Again, as I always say that there is no sure shot formula for the right parenting, I present few points before you all which might prove fruitful and at least help some parent or the kid going astray.

Monitor what your kid watches:

It needs to be checked if the kid is screen addicted or no. If so, what are his/her areas of interest? How much time does he/she spend on it? Most importantly, is it a constructive watching? Is he taking interest in stuffs like drugs, alcohols, or certain inappropriate sites?

Set time limits to their screen time:

Somewhere boundaries have to be erected in order for the system to function normally. Even countries have barriers between them. So, let our child have the barrier too when it comes to them watching screen.

Know your kid’s routine after school:

It is important that you remain updated about them. Slight loss of vigilance may lead to big consequences gradually. Once must keep a track of them and try to develop such a bond that is a mix of love, respect and fear as well. By imbibing these things in them, you may be able to connect well with them.

Know your kid’s friends:

It is said that a man is known by the company he/she keeps. Same is applicable in terms of kid’s friend circle. If your child is friends with a bunch that believes in breaking rules and not respecting the authorities then your child will also adapt such qualities. The way your child discusses certain topic with you, whether it is a constructive discussion or something that may lead to arguments and violating the right things, then one must become alert as there may be a possibility of him/her in such a friend aura who are aggressive in behaviour. Try to find out their nature as in are they exposed to drugs or alcohol etc.?

Speak to them about negative impacts of Drugs, alcohol:

It is of utmost importance that we speak to our kids regarding things like Drugs, Alcohol as these tend to destroy the personal as well as the academic phase of the child. Inform them of the dire consequences:

* It might affect their memory pocket, leading to poor academic performance.

* Such kids tend to show anti-social behavior. This rebellious nature might lead them to physical fights too.

* High possibility of them getting involved in sexual activity.

Try to connect over the dinner table:

Have conversations, share your experience of the entire day or any childhood memories. Try to make them speak about certain things and what they opine about them.

Communicate and get to know more about them. Communication is of utmost importance. Being in regular touch with your kids, despite of tight professional schedule is a must in order to set the right parameters for your child.

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  1. Very good article.Now a days it is very challenging to monitor our kids every hour.But we must have to do it because to give them good health and good manners we have to know our kids full day routine, their friend circle ,what things they watch …..etc etc.

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