Steps To Protect Your Kids From Malaria


Monsoon is here. Thanks to it as we no longer will have to face the scorching heat. It is actually a relief!! Kids are happy and can be seen running around in the rains tasting the first chilling wave of the rainy season. But we also need to take care of our kids and protect them from diseases like Malaria which are very common these days and with the onset of this season, the probability of mosquitoes targeting humans also increases. Kids and the people of old age need more attention if they fall into this trap as they both have weak immunity.

Symptoms of Malaria:

The early symptoms happen to be:





Pain in the abdomen, Joints and back


Certain tips are penned down for the precautionary purpose:

Proper Clothing:

One must make sure that the kids wear full clothes that would comprise of full sleeves top or shirts and full pants. Care must be taken especially while going out. The clothing should not be too tight so that the skin is able to breathe.

Apply Mosquito roll on:

Whenever kids step out of their home, don’t forget to apply roll-on to their clothes to ensure extra safety.

Donot allow water to stagnate:

Stagnated water is the house of mosquitoes as they prefer to lay their eggs there. It is one of the most favorite destination and a dwelling place for them. Water outdoors and in doors both should be avoided. Ensure hygienic conditions in and around your residing place.

Spray Hit or any mosquito repellant thing:

Ensure to spray hit in your room and close it for some time. Best is to spray it when you go out so that once you are back, the pungent smell becomes non-existent. It is easy for us to breathe. One can also opt for coils, all out.

Doors and windows to be closed in the evening:

Ensure to keep the doors and windows closed in the evening hours to prevent the unnecessary entries of uninvited little creatures.

Use bed nets treated with insecticide:

Bed nets act as a shield for prevention from mosquitoes and other insects. Treated ones are those that are dipped in a particular insecticide. Certain steps need to be followed while immersing nets into insecticide with water. For maximum results, it is recommended to treat them after every 6 months. Care should be taken to dip the nets in the recommended insecticides ONLY. This would prove beneficial to the kids.

Use oil on water surface:

In case you see mosquito breeding on a collected water surface, you can add oil to it so that the larvae and pupae would suffocate. One can use either any vegetable oil or even Kerosene oil.

Fog your area:

It is recommended that before the rains start, fogging should be initiated. Mosquito fogger is a device that is used to terminate mosquitoes from the surrounding areas. The best time to fog is when the activity of these insects is at the peak,  that is the evening time or even early morning hours can also be opted. Care should be taken to avoid fogging during high windy period as it may harm the surroundings as well.

Hire Mosquito Fish:

Small water bodies can be secured by keeping Mosquito fish (Gambusia) in it as these fishes feed on mosquito larvae.

In case you have a travel plan to a certain region that has higher probability of this disease, one must take the proper medication to ensure complete safety.

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