Symptoms of Eye Problems In Children And How Can It Be Prevented?

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Last week my daughter complained about pain in the eyes. I could also see them slight red in color. I took her to the doctor and got her eyesight tested. It seems she needed specs. Well, she is just 6 years old and would have to bear the burden of these specs covering her eyes and slightly heavy on her nose. But, it can’t be helped and that is the only way to treat.

This age group these days suffers a lot from these issues. We are equally responsible for this danger. We handover the gadgets to them just to relieve our stress. I understand, sometimes it is important but the problem begins when we do not keep a tap on their screen timing. It is important to be a little strict with them as it is solely in their benefit.

Vision problems if ignored or left untreated may lead to other disorders of the eye and hence one must be proactive while dealing with these.

Certain symptoms act as a hint that point towards the need for their eye checkup:

* If the kid sits too close to the TV, says that he/she finds it tough to focus while sitting at a distance, understand that it is important to get the vision checked.

* Frequent rubbing of the eye is another symptom.

* Watery eyes and redness in them.

* Sometimes, they close one eye to have a look at the objects because that provides a better vision.

* If there are alterations in the vision then it is accompanied with headaches as well.


Though sometimes it is difficult to prevent certain situations but applying some techniques that can improve the vision is always a welcoming part. Let’s have a look at these methods:

* Regular checkup:

It is important to undergo regular eye check up to prevent further eye issues.

* Exercise frequently:

Eye exercise should be done on a regular basis. One common exercise is to hold the pencil at a certain distance and focus on the tip of the pencil and then bring the pencil back and forth.

* Eyes should be protected from harmful sunlight:

It is important to wear sun glasses to shield the eyes from the harmful sun rays.

* Eating a healthy and balanced diet:

Right diet is crucial for the health of the body. Foods like these play an important role:

* Fish- The omega-3s in them helps to cope up with eye problems.

* Nuts and Legumes- Rich source of omega-3s and vitamin E.

* Green leafy vegetables- These are rich in certain constituents that are also rich in Vitamin C.

* Citrus fruits

* Eggs- Good source of vitamin E, C etc. These are beneficial also for adults.

* Water- Drinking water in adequate amount can prevent dehydration of the eye and save from certain eye related issues.

* Sufficient Light in the Room while reading:

The study room of the child should have sufficient sunlight. They shouldnt be struggling to read owing to less light.

* Enough Sleep:

Set a schedule for the child. The child needs a good amount of time say 8 hours of sleep. They shouldn’t be made to stay awake till late at night.

* Minimize the screen time:

It is important to set a screen time. Too much watching may provoke eye problems.

Hopefully, these may prove beneficial. If any of the above mentioned symptoms persist then an eye checkup is required. The delay should be avoided.

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