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One day when I went to my friend’s home I noticed that her 4 year old daughter came crying. She went out to play in the park and we found out that a boy of her age was forcing her to play with him. She didn’t want to be a part of the game, but when he started constantly nagging about it, she became upset and came home crying.

While at this age, this incident doesn’t sound awkward, but as they grow, it might seem a little unpleasant. It’s not at all alarming at this age, but things shouldn’t be ignored as well.

While parenting is not only about raising a healthy and smart educated child but also a responsible one. Every parent contributes their best in child rearing. Today I shall write about the most talked about topic these days – Teach boys to respect girls/women. I thought about few ways by which we can play a crucial role in teaching them. These points that I am going to mention seem too negligible types but if observed carefully, these can have bigger effects.

A child observes his surroundings and grasps things. The way we want our child to develop is directly proportional to our behavior. They follow our footsteps and gradually such habits get inculcated in them that form an integral part of their characteristic.

Certain things to be kept in mind:

1. Often it is seen that men scold, shout on their spouses in front of their kids or even in the next room which is audible to them. This is a normal phenomenon in most of the houses. As a result, it’s on their mind that even they have the right to yell on another female as they have seen their dad do so. That’s where they learn to mistreat their spouses when they get into wedlock. Teach them to be polite in their tone.

2. Certain violent movies or scenes too can play roles in their own ways. Parents make kids sit with them and watch fight scenes that are filled with violence. This paves way for the welcome of an aggressive behavior that slowly starts to build in and may not be good when he grows up. It has been found out that such violent entertainment makes an individual less empathetic and extracts kindness.

3. Teach them to do household chores like keeping their room clean, their wardrobe and books arranged in an organized manner. When they grow a bit, above 7-8 years, they should be taught to wash their dishes, make food. Basically, allowing them to be a part of household chores and activities. This would teach them that it’s just not the duty of a woman to keep home clean. That ways they will respect woman too.

4. Educate them to be modest in their behavior. For example, when a mother is about to sit in the car, a boy may go ahead and open the door. It need not be treated in a way that the boy becomes inferior by doing so. This is a characteristic of a gentleman.

5. Teach boys that like they have their own personal space and personal feelings where they don’t want to be a part of any activity, so do the girls have an equal right. Respect their boundaries.

Basically, we as parents need to keep on having such conversations with our boys so that they remain on the right track by respecting other’s privacy.

While there may be many more such things that can be taken into account and boys can be molded that way. These are my own thoughts. Please feel free to share yours too in the comments section.

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