Teach Your Child ‘Sharing Is Caring.’


Teach your child ‘Sharing is caring.’

Sharing is a vital aspect of all life activity in a home. This is an essential skill every child should learn. Most children are used to the phase “Mum its Mine” when it comes to sharing their toys or item with their siblings or friends. It is vital to help them understand why they need to share with friends and siblings.

As a parent or caregivers, it is our paramount responsibility to make our children understand the importance of sharing, and that should be from a tender age. This gives them the chance to understand the importance of compromise when they go into preschool or kindergarten.

Here are some tips to follow in teaching your kids how to share

  1. Allow them to Learn by Example

The best way to teach a child the importance of sharing is by leading by example. Make them witness your generosity by showing love and sharing things with others in their presence. Also, endeavor to share your time and gifts with the kid to learn to share their gifts with others.

  1. Choose Your Time Wisely

It is essential to choose the right time in teaching the child empathy. Children often find it difficult to understand what it means to share until they get to age 2 or 3 years. Little kids are only concern about what belongs to them and not interested in giving it out. Know when to start teaching them the importance of giving and sharing so as not to waste your time trying to explain to them what they don’t understand.

  1. Create an Enabling Environment

When teaching a child about the benefit of sharing, it is essential that you do that in a very conducive environment. Don’t try to explain to them by compulsion or forcibly. Make the environment conducive by sharing around them in other to encourage the habit.

  1. Talk to Your Child

Help the child to express and understand their emotion as it relates to the act of sharing and giving. When the child is holding back something from friends or their siblings, make them understand how the friend will be feeling and for them to understand how happy their friends will be if they share their snacks and toys with them.

  1. Respect their Space

Everyone has a unique item there so value and might not want to share with others no matter how old there are. Forcing your kid to share those precious possessions with their friends might make them confrontational. When your kid’s friends are coming around, try to discuss with them on the toys they would love to share with their friends and those off-limit. With that, those special toys can be kept off to avoid a skirmish


Sharing is caring and caring is fun. Try teaching them from an early age on the importance of this by making it entertaining. Play games on sharing that show them the benefit of sharing. Also endeavor to praise them when they share proactively without being told. This helps to reinforce this positive behavior and make them enjoy sharing while they grow-up.

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  1. It is a must thing to teach to Our kids today, because of single child scenario i think Children these days are not ready to share their things and Being a Parent I feel like its my responsibility to teach My baby what sharing means. Wonderfully explained

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