Teach Your Child The Art Of Bullying Bullies


Bullying is nothing new. It has been there since there has been life on this planet. In fact very mild bullying in the form of dominance is a natural human instinct for survival, but the problem arises when the act crosses its limits and becomes emotionally or physically harmful for the victim. It is the weaker who are more vulnerable to bullying, and that is why kids are one of the largest social groups being bullied. Perhaps because of their ignorance and dependency. Also cyber bullying has become a new phenomenon which the modern mom has to deal with. Read the tips below to teach your child to save him from such situations and acquaintances.

  1. Many kids share their personal lives over the net just to gain appreciation and peer acceptance. You must educate your child that the purpose of internet is information and communication, rather than allowing it to infringe your privacy thus making you a piece of critique in society. Also, as parents, you must build so much confidence in your child that he does not have to look for acknowledgement elsewhere.
  2. Always give your children the confidence that they can share anything and everything with you. If you are able to gain this trust, you save your child a lot of problems of the outside world. Statistics show that 50% children get constantly bullied because they are scared to tell something to their well-wishers.
  3. Tit-for-tat. Yes! And that is the most important. We teach our children to be humble and polite, but at the same time also teach them to define boundaries. If someone is constantly abusive or imperious, they must blow back. It is the best way to stop a rascal and must not be considered as acrimony. One must respect oneself and the other equally.
  4. Ignore, if possible, you must teach your child to ignore and distance from an oppressor. Mostly the annoyer indulges into rowdy behaviour only to tease or emotionally disturb your child. These people have disturbed and sick psyches and if ignored, they will leave your child and target someone else. A practical way to save your own skin.
  5. Never tolerate beating or physical abuse of any kind. Teach your kids that the reason may be any, but thrashing or routing is wrong and unacceptable. If someone is trying to physically abuse them, they must at once hit back and reach help and inform their parents.
  6. Counsel your child, that bullying is due to some personality disorder in the oppressor. So the child must never take this personally and get emotionally disturbed or develop a complex of some kind. Secondly, it is our duty to protect ourselves from harassment, so saving your skin or speaking openly about it is right and encouraged.

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