Teach Your Kids The Right Table Manners And The Magical Words


Teach your kids the right table manners and the magical words

It is really very important to teach your kids the right table manners. Wherever your kids are whether in school, at home, at their friend’s place, in a restaurant or in a party the way they behave on table is reflection of their basic etiquettes. Nowadays there are special classes on this in most of the schools. Right from very beginning children are being taught how they must behave on table.

Try to make your kids familier with the basic rules

A. Wash hands before coming to table- Make them wash their hands properly with a hand wash . Make sure they come with clean hands on table.
B. Use a napkin– Teach them to place a napkin on their lap while on table. Give them a napkin for using it in school also.
C. Wait for others– Always make them understand that they should wait for others to settle down before start eating.
D. Sit straight and no elbows on table- Make sure they know the right way of sitting and never place their elbows on the table.
E. Avoid noise while chewing – The way they chew their food must be noiseless. Always remind them to close their mouth while chewing.
F. No talking while eating – Kids must be taught that they must not talk while having food. It is not only a bad habit but may irritate others also.
G. Use spoon and fork– It is really very necessary to teach them the use of spoon and fork properly.

There are few magical words that every child must know-
* Sorry
*Thank you
* Please
* Excuse me
* You’re welcome
* Pardon
Every mom and dad needS to take care of these small habits in their kids. They should teach them to use good words whether on table or any other place.

Things you can give to your kids to use in school
* Hand sanitiser
* Foldable table mat
* Napkins
* Some disposable tissues
* Spoon and fork in their tiffen

Parents can always be the role models for their kids and by observing them they will be able to inculcate the basic table mannerism and social etiquettes in them.

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