The Best Luxury Brands For Kids Clothing This Summer


There are two factors these days that have led to mothers spending more and more on their kids’ luxury clothing. One is the advent of plastic money, which has made spending psychologically more comfortable, and the second one being availability. It has become very easy to order with online stores and these stores have also increased the accessibility to various brands in leaps and bounds. Earlier, if you saw someone wearing a Burberry t-shirt, it used to be a big fish definitely, but now with the consumerism on a rise, this is considered quite normal.

Let us check some of the latest trending brands among kidswear, if we consider the international market.  

GAP: Check out GAP kidswear website. The site offers an easy way to shop, with a lot of variety for kids starting from 0 days and going upto teenage clothing. Another advantage is that GAP is an all-in-one store for kid’s accessories as well. You can get bags, footwear, eyewear, watches and much more here. GAP is also easily available at many physical stores all across the globe, which gives it even more brand visibility and makes the mothers love it.

Mothercare: Now this brand s unique for its pastel hues and extremely soft fabric. It especially caters to kids between 0 to 4 years. Although the brand stocks for older kids as well, but you would see the variety diminishes as you climb up the age ladder. Check out their store and you will definitely end up picking something for your little one.

Abercrombie & Fitch: This is an American brand, and ranks much higher if we talk of richness.  So if you are trying to make a luxury statement at some party or event, go with this one. The brand specializes in pure cottons and linens, and is perfect for a summer evening.

Dior Baby: Now this one should be the choice, if you are looking for a great piece of jewellery, in original gold or silver, for your little one.  A completely new concept, Dior Baby, has infused a one of its kind sophistication into kid’s accessories. This also makes for a great choice if you are gifting something unique to a baby.

Burberry children: Burberry was a pioneer in kid’s fashion, and so are their designs. The trademark Burberry check or the iconic French coat will stand out in a group, always. Further, Burberry is also making matching bags, hair clips etc. for girls.

H & M: At H&M you can buy all from swimwear to accessories to clothes to footwear for kids. You name and they have it. To top the cherry, H&M is opening a number of retail stores all around the world, so is well within reach. And they have a heavy sale, very genuine, once or twice a year, where you can shop and stock for the year. H&M appeals for its trendy and funky wear. So if you have a choice for that, check out the nearest store.

Gucci Children: How can we forget Gucci if we are considering Kids fashion wear!  You can buy for kids below 8 years, and the collection tries to copy the adult clothing styles. So great for giving makeovers to your kids and for arranging makeover parties (if you belong to a group where parents afford Gucci kids).

Fendi Kids: Although they produce all, from clothing to accessories, but the most notable one are the bags and the shoes. However, Fendi is quite an expensive one to go for. Usually flaunted by the kids of affluent class, Fendi has a great collection to shop from.

Isn’t it okay to pamper your kids once in a while? I think it is absolutely fine, if you do not obsess yourself permanently.  The industry for the children luxury clothing is growing very rapidly and that is one of the reasons that parents today are so aware and conscious about what their kids are wearing and what the peer group is wearing.

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