Things Not To Be Said/Done With The Kids!!

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Children are our reflection. They grasp things from us. So many articles have been penned down related to this topic. Certain things should definitely be avoided in order to maintain a healthy relationship between a child and parent as well as between the parents. Let us have a look on these points:

Commenting on physical appearance of a child:

This can prove to damage their self-esteem. No matter what their appearance is, it is god gifted. One must never speak ill about it.

Take care while speaking about others in front of kids:

It is to be noted that kids catch our words, they have attentive ears. They shall respond actively while doing other tasks. If you speak ill about others in front of them, then you are not setting good examples. In case they happen to reveal such information in front of others then it might worsen the situation and the relationship as well.

Comparing child with other kids:

This can demotivate the child a lot. One must not compare the kid with other kids. Every child is unique and the best in his/her own ways.

Comparing your kid with yourself at a young age:

Most of the parents have the habit of saying their kids that “When I was of you age, I was able to do so and so task”, refrain from this. Every kid develops at his/her own pace. Such words will only disappoint them.

“Why can’t you be like your sibling”?

This is a very dangerous sentence to use. This develops a bond of resentment among the siblings. This might lower their self-esteem and also create an unhealthy competition among them.

“You are my weakness and I cant say you NO”- No

These lines should never be uttered. We all as Parents have that weakness towards our kids but then we ought to set some boundaries so that they blossom into better human beings. Saying such lines may call for an impossible expectations in the future.

Respect each other (Spouses):

Most of the spouses do not respect each other even in front of the kids. Either the father is dominating or vice versa. Yelling on each other, arguing terribly in front of the kids can prove to be bad for the mental development of the child. It might hamper his approach towards relationships when he/she grows up.

Stay away from gadgets:

Try to maintain distance from gadgets in front of the kids. If its work related and urgent, it is understood. Still, if nothing on priority, then it can be replaced with reading newspaper or novels etc.

Smoking and Drinking:

These would have bad impact on them if they see their parents doing so. Moreover, when we try to make them understand that such habits should not be included in our lifestyle, they would straight away question the parents as they have seen them doing this.

Little bit of consciousness and alertness can have a positive impact on them and can make our as well as their lives much happier and comfortable.

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