Tips To Deal With Nausea During Pregnancy

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When a woman realizes that she is pregnant, it’s one of the happiest moments for her.  Pregnancy brings in lots of symptoms with it, one of the major one being nausea, which is more commonly known as morning sickness.  Generally, it is believed that nausea is one of the earliest indications of pregnancy.  Normally, it starts after fourth week of pregnancy and might go away by 12th week.  However, in some women nausea persists throughout the pregnancy.  Some pregnant women have this nauseous feeling even during night, which makes them uncomfortable and they don’t have sound sleep.

In morning sickness, most women have aversions to certain things.  The dish that they must have savored in the non-pregnant state is sometimes hated during pregnancy as it leads to nauseous feeling.  Aversion to smell and certain food is very common during this stage.  It is kind of a feeling where the pregnant woman feels like vomiting, has a sick sensation to the stomach, and a lot of fatigue.

The best part is morning sickness doesn’t harm the child unless it is extreme. As such morning sickness goes away on its own in most women; however, they should try few remedies for relief.  Pregnant women suffering from nausea should avoid foods and smell that trigger nausea.  They should keep themselves hydrated throughout the day.  They should avoid eating heavy meals, instead they should eat multiple small meals throughout the day.  The rooms should be full of light and air.  Pregnant women suffering from nausea should rest a lot.  Sucking on candies also helps.  Lemonades are refreshing as well as give the pregnant mom a good feeling in such a state.  Sniffing certain smells like ginger, lemon, orange can make the would-be-mom feel better.

These are all fine but if the woman is too uncomfortable or having daily vomiting, she should seek her doctor’s help.  Severe conditions like hyperemesis gravidarum need medical intervention.

Pregnancy is a life-changing event for a woman, let the nausea not take away the happiness!

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