Tips to right guidance


It’s always better if one of the parent is strict and the other is lenient or friendly to the child. If both happen to follow the same nature then it becomes tough to handle the kid. One of the parent must be in a position to read the mind of his /her child. Childhood is important and a very crucial phase, in fact every stage is important. The child also goes through several pressures in life which must not be neglected. Support the child in the right manner and help him/her come out of any sort of tensions that becomes tough for him/her to override.


Body Image:

The moment the kids gain some thoughts into their appearance that matters to some, they would start figuring out things to look cool and smart. Explain them that it’s important and good to look presentable but not at the cost of their own health. I have observed many kids not eating fat foods or confectionaries just because they might put on weight. Agreed that these must not be consumed at an overdose rate but these are essential for the body too. Your body needs fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals in equal proportions so as to maintain the correct structure from within.

Be confident enough:

They need to learn to be confident. Every child has a different nature, some can make friends quickly while some cannot. Some may be accepted easily by other people while some may not be. Or may be some are bullied. Prepare them to trust themselves first and develop self-respect.

Stay away from Drugs and Alcohol:

Explain them the dangers of getting into the company of people who are into drugs and alcohol. With today’s present scenario, where one cannot escape from the surroundings that don’t hold these stuffs, it’s better to teach them the dangers of these things and make them independent enough to take the right decisions.

The Peer pressure:

The peer pressure is something which we face even when we are adults. But if it starts from a very young age then it needs to be handled well. Make the child understand not to stress himself/herself with such pressures as these don’t decide the success in life. These are not the scales to measure your achievements. Keep reminding that- “Do your best and leave the rest”


When they grow old enough and are staying away from home or even not, discuss finances with them and put them into the situation of figuring out ways to deal with financial stress. Guide them how to budget things properly.

Take Responsibility:

As we teach them to take responsibility and credits for the righteous things, we should also teach them to take blame in case anything goes wrong because of them. They should be strong enough to take charge of things whether the result is fruitful or not.


There are various things to be taught and the topic is like never ending. I just thought of highlighting few of them. Hopefully, it proves beneficial to the readers.

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