Tips to teach a child to clean his/her room

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When it comes to cleaning the room, the child knows varieties of tantrums that can be introduced so that they escape from doing it. Mere a shout or a yell- “Clean your room” isn’t going to leave mark on their hearts. We need to motivate them, guide them and carefully handle the issue in order for it to be resolved. Here are the tips:

Partly help them out:

Creating a mess is easier than resolving it. Children enjoy expanding their territories with their personal belongings but when it comes to compressing it, the pain starts. We can partly help the younger kids in picking up few things and then allowing the rest to be handled by them.

Role of Instructions:

At times, they need to be directed and instructed well so that they don’t get into the habit of staying in a messy room. This habit if imbibed at an early age can definitely make this an important part of their character that is sure to be inevitable.

It can be converted into a game too!!

If the kids are fussy and not in a mood to clean up their room, you may visualize it as a game and play accordingly. For example, you set the timer- in how much time will all the toys be picked up. In case of siblings, this would prove to be more of a fun activity as it also involves some competition.

Arrange the toys in a basket:

Younger kids find it tough to keep the toys or their belonging at a particular place. They can be given the concept of basket. Pour in all the toys in it with no extra hassle. Books can be arranged in a rack.

Allow the child to be a part of cleaning process for other rooms too:

Some days, you would like to clean your kitchen. You can obviously ask your kid to be a helping hand. This way he will learn the importance of hygiene and cleanliness and will apply to his/her own room too.

Lastly, as we all know that Kids are moody too. Sometimes they are quick to act to your instructions but sometimes they just don’t want to listen. Leave them, let them go sometimes. But don’t make this as a habit or else it would turn out to be problematic in the near future.

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