Tips To Teach Pronunciation To The Kids


How to Teach Pronunciation to Your Child

Accent plays an important role in expressing what you feel like. In case it goes wrong, it may lead to wrong meanings as well. As a parent, it might leave you deflated in front of others in case your child pronounces “it” wrong.

I remember about a neighbor kid who once invited us to her birthday party with a cute little card and while sharing it with me, she said, “Please come to my birthday Potty (Party)”. Hilarious as it comes out of the mouth of a kid but it won’t be pleasing if it goes on this way. Obviously, the child will learn to use the right word still for a moment, her mother gave a weird pause and then we finally laughed with tears coming out.

Pronunciation is important to be corrected right from the childhood. As a parent, one must be alert enough to catch the words spoken by the child. Though things can be corrected later on as well but isn’t it better to handle this at a young age so that you need lesser efforts from your side in the future. Attentive ears of the parent is a must to grab hold of the right accent.

These are the ways that may prove fruitful in order to achieve the target which I shall write down. But before that we need to understand that for a good accent, we must have the understanding of these things: Vowels, diphthongs, consonants- basically the sound, the tone of the word, how much stress needs to be placed on the syllables.

1. Grab attention at every word that the child speaks- One must listen carefully to the word that the child speaks and try to amend it. See that while speaking the child doesn’t eat up some alphabet. For example- In the word Look, the last letter isn’t getting omitted or may be the word P isn’t getting replaced with b as in the word “Pitch”

2. Try to teach them in a rhyming way- This way they will learn fast and most important, it won’t piss them off. They would rather enjoy learning this way.

3. As it’s said- “Practice makes a man perfect”- So keep repeating words, sometimes in the form of writing so that they learn it with the sound of every letter or asking them in an oral way.

4. Right knowledge of the Phonics- It is very important to teach them Phonics of every letter. With that in mind, the child will hardly make mistakes while pronouncing it.

5. Explain them with meanings- Make it a point to give them logic behind what you are trying to convey them. Use a white board to write the word and clarify things. For example- If u replace A in hAt with U, then it becomes hUt. Similarly, there are various examples like Pen-Pin, are-ate etc.

6. Try to record their sound- This is another way of correcting the accent. First practice with the child and then tell him/her to pronounce it. Record the accent and make him/her listen. This will aid in improving it.

7. Make them read a lot- Inculcate the habit of reading in them. For that we as a parent need to sacrifice our mobile phones a bit and show them that even we love to read. It may be either reading a newspaper or a novel in front of the child so that he/she develops interest.  This way they will develop the vocabulary as well.

Finally, please don’t compare your child with others. Let him/her grow at his/her own sweet pace. Try to amend, put your best foot forward and rest leave on the child. As for the parents, don’t be disappointed and endeavor it with perseverance.

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