Toilet Training Tips To Kids


Like eating habits need a proper guidance so does the potty training! Sounds funny but actually it requires a lot of patience like other things which we are trying to inculcate in our kids. We need to understand that for every child the response and reaction time shall be different. What works for one kid may not work for the other sibling or other kid.

All I can say that we need to endure their reactions and focus on the training part. I shall share some tips that might prove useful.

Certain signs that hint that the child is ready for potty training:

* When you are changing fewer diapers: You can predict an average frequency of his urine passing time by estimating the no of diapers it takes to get wet.

* At times, a regular pattern gets formed. Either it’s just prior meal time or post meal time.

* Sometimes kids makes typical faces that actually mean that it’s time for them to go to the washroom. Others just go and sit quietly at the corner of the room.

First take a note whether your child is suffering from constipation or no. This can be hard on the child as it hurts the rectum part in case the child experiences constipation.


* Buy a potty seat for the toddler. Make him/her sit on it at regular intervals. Once you know the frequency, you may take the child to the washroom and help him excrete out.

* Keep a specific word for it and teach the child to communicate via that word. The child can then express his desire for peeing via that word.

* Reduce the use of diapers, you may say that there are no more diapers available and so you will have to switch to a new technique.

* In case the child couldn’t control at the moment, just stay calm. Let there be neutral reactions.

* Appreciate the child when he/she successfully manages the training at that particular moment.

* There are many potty training books available. One may have a look into it and grab some tips. These picture books can also be shown to the kids so that they enjoy going through this training part.

* These days there are videos for many issues and how to deal with them. There are videos on this subject as well. One can watch it to gain some advice.

* If the child refuses to go for potty training, remove diapers and give the child new pants. You can explain the child that now he/she can go by himself/herself by simply pulling off the pants.

* If the child is scared of falling while sitting, hold the child and give support. Sometimes, kids are scared of flush sound also. In such cases, you may refrain from doing so in front of the child and wait till he/she is out of the washroom.

* If the kid starts crying while been seated, you may find ways of calming him/her down. It can be by playing his/her favorite music/song, by reading a book or telling stories or mimicking something.

There are different approaches to a thing, we just need to figure out the right way for the particular child.

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