Too Much Pampering From The Grandparents


No doubt that grandparents play a crucial role in their grandchildren’s life. They are reservoir of Wisdom, knowledge, etiquettes and discipline. Children feel cozy and warm near them.  It is them with whom the child feels closeness and is ready to share things. They express their love towards their kids in a different manner. But they need to understand that there need to be a fine line between spoiling them and treating them rightly. Most of the grandparents spoil the child to such a level that it becomes difficult for the parents to handle such kids.

Certain things for grandparents to keep in mind that might lead to conflicts between them and their son/daughter:

*  Treating kids with too many sweets/candies:

Kids are way too fond of candies and the sugar coated stuffs. It is ok to give these stuffs sometimes to the kids but not on the regular basis. And if either of the parent objects, then one shouldn’t force their seniority on them. This way the kids learn not to respect their parents.

*  Buying unnecessary stuffs for grandkids:

Its good to buy stuffs for your grandkids. But there has to be a limit when it comes to the prices, the quantities etc. Sometimes, space issues arise and parents are like- “Where do we accommodate all these stuffs”?

* Expensive items for the kids:

It is advisable not to purchase expensive items like any gadgets, electronics or video games or any toys. Parents might prefer to give them toys that would make them creative.

* Not listening to their own son/daughter:

Grandparents been the elder in the house feel that they need not be told anything by their son/daughter/daughter-in-law regarding their pampering towards the grand kids or even the upbringing. They need to understand that with time, things change and so what was applicable during those times may not be. They need to understand that no one is disrespecting them. Its their turn to raise their kids, to play a different challenging role, support them in whatever way possible, but never put yourself above them. As this may not prove healthy in the eyes of the grandkids at the later stages of life.

* Conflicts with parents:

This happens to be a serious issue as it gives rise to unhealthy relationships in the house. Grandparents cannot disrespect their son/daughter/daughter-in-law and should abide by the rules that have been created by the parents. Every parent has their own unique style of raising kids which may differ from what they did as a parent. Elders should learn to respect their younger ones.

Grandparents should not take side of the grand-kids when either of the parent is scolding:

Parents have the first and foremost authority on their kids. If they are correcting their child, trying to discipline them, grandparents need not jump to rescue them.

If the kids are not corrected at the younger age, then they might get spoiled at the later stage. It would become difficult to handle their tantrums then. And unfortunately, the parents will have to bear the consequences for no fault of theirs.

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