Top 10 Most Stylish Kids On Instagram That You Must Follow


Few of the most stylish kids on Instagram can easily beat the popular influencers in terms of their fashion sense. These stylish kids pull off some of the classiest dresses in an unbelievable way. They are truly some of the best trend-setters in the world of kids’ fashion. The parents of these kids invest a lot of money, time, as well as energy in designing the portfolio in the flashiest way possible.

Here is a comprehensive list of the top influencers on Instagram that you can follow to get some great styling tips for your kids.

1. Stella and Blaise (stellaandblaise)

It is time for us to evaluate sibling goals. Stella and Blaise are part of one such pair of siblings that will literally give you sibling goals. Their pictures are the perfect representation of the pure love that a pair of siblings share in this world. The Instagram page of Stella and Blaise has nearly 67 thousand followers and close to 1,500 posts.

It is the one-stop destination for parents who are looking for inspiration to dress their boy/girl kids up in the most fashionable way. One of the key reasons why you should follow Stella and Blaise is that these kids have a huge wardrobe of simple and affordable clothes. Their clothes are extremely simplistic and perfect for kids. They do not boast too many costly accessories or dresses on the page.

The pretty smiles of Stella and Blaise blow your mind. Their curly and voluminous hairstyles will definitely give you some major hairstyling goals. Stella and Blaise’s parents are not afraid of experimentation and they often choose vivid, contrasting, and bold colours for their kids’ clothing styles.

2. Emma and Mila Stauffer (kcstauffer)

Emma and Mila Stauffer are nothing short of internet sensations with their cute videos. The pictures and videos that you can find on their Instagram page will definitely make you miss your best friend and/or sister. These Instagram famous babies are popular on multiple social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. On Instagram, Emma and Mila Stauffer have over 3.9 million followers and over 3,000 posts.

From cute wedding dresses to casual sundresses, these cute girls have truly captured the hearts of their followers. Emma and Mila’s parents are extremely active on Instagram and you can find at least one cute post on your timeline from the Stauffer family every day.

If you are looking for some light-hearted and genuine comedy between cute siblings, you must follow kcstauffer right away. Every once in a while, you can also find silly and funny makeup tutorials by Emma and Mila that will pull the strings of your heart and make you go aww. The Stauffer family is capturing the true and free-hearted essence of childhood with Emma and Mila on Instagram. Today, you can too enjoy their company on this social media platform.

3. Laerta (fashion_laerta)

If you are looking for fashion ideas for a slightly older girl, Laerta fits the bill perfectly. Laerta’s uncanny fashion sense can put even the most popular Instagram influencers to a lot of thought. Over the past couple of years, she has garnered the attention of over 1.2 million followers on her 570 posts. Laerta’s complete transformation from a little cute girl to a beautiful young woman can be seen on her Instagram page. She has been one of the most inspirational and bold young women on Instagram blowing her fans away with her fashion sense.

Laerta has experimented with extremely subtle and professional chic looks in the modern-day fashion industry. Her bold and mature appeal helps her look older elder than she really is. This is one of the most striking features of her Instagram page.

We cannot wait to see what Laerta has in store for us over the next few years when her fashion sense grows even more mature.

4. Millie-Belle Diamond (milliebellediamond)

If you are looking for a cute and extremely stylish mini fashionista, you cannot overlook Millie-Belle Diamond’s Instagram page. She is one of the cutest Instagram famous babies, period.This page is exclusively run by Millie’s mom. One thing that we can see for sure from her Instagram page is that Millie’s mom loves experimenting with cute skirts and hair bands.

Millie’s cute pink frocks and skirts give the fashionistas some major goals. Her page has nearly 2,000 posts till day and close to 400 thousand followers on Instagram. If cuteness of the dress and fashion style holds more importance than everything else, Millie’s page is perfect for inspiration.

One key thing that makes Millie’s page so unique is her attractive smile and free-hearted poses. Millie rocks her fashion collection like no one else with a cute and open-armed pose. This little Australian miss has some great candid pictures taken by her mom. Millie looks extremely cute and light-hearted both when she is looking directly into the camera as well as when she is looking away from it.

5. Prince (princeandthebaker)

Enough about little cute girls let’s talk about fashionistas for young boys now. Prince’s Instagram page has some of the most innovative fashion ideas for young boys. His Instagram account is handled by his mother. Popularly known as The Dream Team, the mom-son duo has been consistently winning the hearts of various moms and young boys across the globe. Prince has close to 13 thousand followers on Instagram and over 900 posts.

Prince is a stylish fashionista who looks very mature for his age. One thing that Prince does better than all the other kid influencers on this list is rock a wide range of headgear in an uncanny way. Prince experiments with his headgear often. He is often seen wearing different types of trendy hats, caps, as well as beanies in his pictures. He also experiments with a variety of trendy glasses and hoodies. If you are looking for inspiration on how to dress your kid in the best way with some of the trendiest accessories, Prince’s channel will give you enough ideas for the same.

6. Ryker, Grey and Wyatt (ministylehacker)

Collette Wixom, the proud mother of 3 stylish boys runs the Instagram page ministylehacker. These 3 boys give us the sibling goals once again. Collette has over 300 thousand followers on her page with over 1300 posts.

The Instagram page is dedicated to 3 main elements that make it so popular in the community. These 3 elements include fashion, parenting, and travel. Collette herself is an on-air style expert and she puts her expertise to good use in selecting the best fashion trends for her boys. Collette also runs her own YouTube channel with the name Momstyle.

Ministylehacker is filled with various posts of the entire family that gives us some major family goals. The family of 5 has created a major impact on the community by giving fashion goals to men, women, as well as young boys. It is cute to see how the brotherly love amongst Ryker, Grey and Wyatt shines through the Instagram posts and the YouTube videos. Some of the best posts on this Instagram page are the ones where all three brothers are dressed up in stylish similar clothes.

7. Coco (coco_pinkprincess)

Coco is a cute 8-year-old Instagram famous baby from the east. Coco_pinkprincess brings us some of the most stylish fashion trends for kids from the mysterious country of Japan. Coco is from Tokyo and she has a massive following on Instagram. For a relatively small number of posts at 183, she has over 685 thousand followers.

Coco rocks both the traditional Japanese dresses as well as the modern-day dresses with subtle ease. She is mostly seen dressed up in extremely attractive winter clothing. This cute Japanese girl has a fan following from across the globe. Majority of her followers are from the U.S. instead of Japan. Coco looks extremely cute in her long floor-length maxi dresses and high waist jeans.

Coco’s parents often experiment with contrasting colours and multiple accessories like glasses and hats to give her an uncanny dressing sense. One noticeable thing in all Coco’s photos are the backgrounds. Coco’s parents have managed to capture some of the most interesting pictures with great lighting in asymmetrical and colorful background environments.

8. Elle (babyellestyle)

Unlike most Instagram pages on this list. Elle’s page consists of pictures of both Elle as well as her mom. If you are looking for some quick inspiration on how you can doll up your daughter in your own mirror image, this Instagram page is the one that you must follow.

This child Instagram star has nearly 100 thousand followers today with nearly 10 thousand posts. It is undoubtedly one of the most active pages on Instagram. Elle’s mom posts at least 3 to 4 images every day. Such trends will give you some major posting goals to grow your influencer profile on Instagram consistently. Elle’s Instagram page has garnered a lot of attention in the last few months due to the rapid succession of posting quickly.

Elle’s mom posts images of her daughter, herself, as well as various fashion accessories like shoes, purses, handbags, etc. Therefore, this page is a wholesome place where you can get tonnes of fashionista tips for yourself as well as your daughter. The rapid posting trends of the mother-daughter couple make us wonder if they will ever run out of unique content to post every day.

9. Haileigh Vasquez (hails_world)

Haileigh Vasquez is one of the top influencers on Instagram who is an inspiration for all the young boys and girls who wish to pursue acting. She is known for her travel adventures along with her bold sense of fashion. Haileighhas nearly 130 thousand followers on Instagram with 942 posts.

Haileigh is known for travelling across the globe and clicking some great pictures in front of the world’s most popular architectural monuments. Her fashion sense is minimalistic and clean. Adopting such a clean fashion sense for the wardrobe of your daughter can help you save tonnes of money in the long run. If comfortable and stylish clothing is what you are searching for Haileigh has some really good ideas for you.

10. Ryan (ryansecret)

Ryan is undoubtedly one of the most stylish boy kid influencers on Instagram. He is extremely popular for having an iconic and trendy hairstyle. His chic and modern dressing sense can easily rival that of the most popular male social media influencers on Instagram. Ryan’s mom is nothing short of a model herself. Therefore, they form an extremely great couple and look awesome as a mother-son duo.

Ryan’s mom has always believed in dressing her son up in the most trendy and mature clothes. Looking at his Instagram will give you some major dressing goals even if you are an adult. Ryan is one such child Instagram star who looks way more mature than he really is. Thanks to his uncanny dressing sense, Ryan has over 126 thousand followers on Instagram. Ryan is often seen on the platform showing off his mad dressing style with his elder sister, mother, as well as father. These individuals come together to form one of the most wholesome families of fashionistas.


You can follow these child Instagram stars to get some great ideas on how to start your kid’s social media influencing journey. These children can serve as an inspiration to several moms and dads who want to dress their kids up in the most fashionable manner.

Once your kid starts getting enough attention on the social media platforms, he/she can easily get brand endorsements and photo shoot invites. These invitations and endorsements will give you more content to grow his/her brand even further. To start off on the right foot, you can purchase high-quality dresses for your daughter at affordable prices from the most reliable online clothing stores for kids. These reliable clothing stores will have a large collection of the trendiest dresses and relevant accessories for you.

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