Toxic Parenting Can Hinder Your Baby’s Development!


As soon as a baby is born, we start recollecting how our parents brought us up, what they did, what they did not. All of a sudden, everything becomes for the baby. However, what a baby needs, and what must be avoided is a relative term. It will be different for each one. Even if a parent has two kids, it will be different for both of them. Trying to shower the appropriate kind of parenthood, and in the meanwhile forgetting what your child actually requires in terms of emotional stability is usually what happens. Parents sometimes try to advocate their own beliefs and philosophies, not keeping the child as the central frame of reference. This actually ruins the normal development of kids.

Always remember that your actions and habits leave a permanent impact on your children. These not only affect how their personality gets shaped up as grown-up adults, but their growth years are also profoundly impacted. Most of the brain development in a child happens till the age of 8. If there is someone who has become a parent just recently, these tips for baby development can be really useful.

Learn to Respect Privacy and Boundary:

This is of prime importance. Even if a four year old is playing with friends, he/she might like the door knocked before mommy drop in for snacks, or a six year old might not like that you try to clean his study desk every time! As parents, one must set their own boundaries which children must not trespass and you must also observe the rules set by your children at the same time. This gives them great feelings of independence and self-confidence. Do not render your kids with a good-for-nothing feeling that then lives with them lifelong!

Affirmation and Security:

Unlimited are the hassles and difficulties of survival today. A lot of children writers write that we must befriend our kids; we must share everything so that they share everything back. However, you have to maintain your integrity as a parent as well, while disclosing information to children. Never burden them with any financial or daily-life problems. If you are having a fight with your spouse, or some chronic health condition, keep that to yourself. Children must be given a contended and cheerful atmosphere which is free from any burdens. This infuses a sense of security in their young minds. Statistics show that insecure childhoods often lead to abusive and aggressive adults.

Being Over Critical and Over There:

Let your child handle things on his own. And then do not expect a child to be perfect. A three year old can do things only like a three year old, not a twenty-five year old. Now-a-days, parents are being very over-ambitious for their children. They are not ready to accept any shortcomings or the natural quotient that a child is born with. Being over-critical or abusive or doing absolutely everything for your kiddo can impair his/her abilities. It is like not crushing the negatives, it is more of developing positives gradually among youngsters so that there is little room for any negatives left.

Of course, if we start penning down the number of wrong behaviours some parents of today depict, though in an effort to raise a successful child, is gargantuan. Let us learn from our older generations, who were not as technologized or overtly determined for their children as us, but raised very placid and emotionally stable happy kids.

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