Teenage Rebellion – Phase Every Teen Goes Through


A boy of 14 is good for nothing! And a girl of 14 is even worse!

Teenage attitude is something that is sure to give you some chills, unless you are a psychologist.  If you meet someone a bit senior to you, I am sure they would certainly give you plenty of tips.  But in reality, handling teenage tantrums, is it that easy? And believe me; girls are worse than boys when it comes to teenage attitude. With boys, the concern is mostly peer pressure, however, girls can have a hell lot of versatile problems, totally unimaginable!

Some common ones for most of the girls in this age group can be: disrespectful behavior, avoiding communication, inferiority or superiority complex, obsession about the body, obsession for boys, menstrual confusion, nasty commenting behavior, attention seeking behavior, panic attacks about the changing body, and the list is endless. And the most irritating fact is, that they some of this deliberately.

This is that time of life, when your daughter would undergo enormous changes. And this would be challenging, both physically and emotionally. She will no longer be your little sweet angel, but will be more of bittersweet now. But there are ways to handle such behavior, and more importantly, help her cope with herself.

Go through the checklist below to see if you are doing it right.

1. Be patient: Patience is the key to handling teenage daughters and their attitude. If you show anger or agitation, it will simply encourage their rude behavior even more. Teenage girls would need some space and privacy of their own.

2. Be humorous: Most of the teenage girls, try to be cool. So if you add a bit of humor to your conversation with your daughter, she will like you better.

3. Be positive: Do not feel sad or out of control yourself, that your daughter hates you, or undermines everything that you do, especially true for the mothers. Remember this is just a temporary phase, and the child needs nothing but co-operation.

4. Do not punish: Most of the girls become rebellious at this age, for they hate any restrictions or guidance to a limit where it becomes a bit spooky. And punishing your child for shouting at you, or ignoring something, would only reinforce such attitude.

5. Ignore: You have to learn to ignore and behave normal and feel normal with a teenage daughter. Accept the fact that she will take some time to adjust to adolescence, and will show many tantrums in the meanwhile.

6. Listen: Although rare that teenagers like to share something with parents, but in case you get a chance to hear, do not waste it with your own stories. Give a patient ear to your growing daughter. It can even avoid many mishaps that sometimes happen with teenagers.

7. Love: Girls look for appreciation at this age, and a lot of love as well. It is a natural instinct for all humans, but it surfaces up and becomes gigantic at this age for our female counterparts. Maybe they just want to feel confident for attracting boys, the law of nature prevails.

8. Compromise: Until now you were the one who was dominating and authoritative. But now the time is ripe for a quick role reversal. Let your teenage daughter be all in all, and instead of forcing decisions, come to a conclusion which is agreeable to both the parties. This will also help build positive family relations in the long run.

9. Make her feel beautiful: Although, I am putting this last, but this definitely is not the least, and actually the top of the cherry. Girls crave for comments that make them feel pretty. They like to copy TV and Film actresses, like to try on makeup, and what not. Just let them do so without any ridicule. This is really important to implant in them, a feeling of self-esteem and self-confidence for their future lives.

Someone has put it very precisely: a teenage daughter is a live bag of ammunitions, so war time it is!

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