V Day- New Perspective!


It is valentines and love is in the air! But can any love outdo a father’s love for his daughter? The obvious answer is NO. That is why many fathers across the globe love to spend this special day with their daughters instead of with anybody else. Also, daughters love to be pampered and coddled! Read some wonderful valentine ideas on how you can make your little princess feel special and important on this special day.

  1. Take your girl to her favourite eatery and spend some quality time. It should be only both of you so that the bond can be strengthened and when she grows up to remember some memories of you and her alone, she has something great to cherish.
  2. Children love art, and if you can indulge yourself into making something creative, then do an activity along with your daughter. It could be cutting out paper roses or quilling a heart, a painting writing “DAD and ME” or anything related for that matter. The idea is that you spoil your little kid on this special day so that she longs for it the next year.
  3. Girls also love makeup from the very beginning. You can buy her an imitation, or some baby perfume, or some baby makeup etc. A miniature dressing table could be another choice. In short, gift your daughter something related to cosmetics and beauty on this exclusive day of love.
  4. One of the basic feminine instincts is cooking. So if you can bake a heart shaped cake, or just mess up with your daughter in the kitchen making her favourite dish, it would be great. Get some identical and cool valentine themed attire for you and your princess, like a chef hat with a heart, a red apron, or maybe use red utensils, just think of anything silly and children love silly.
  5. Decorate her room before she wakes up on the valentine’s morning. Get balloons, make cards, get posters of her favourite cartoon character, some gifts, red stationary etc. We, even as grown- ups, love to be pampered in all manners. So why not children.
  6. If your child is a little grown up, give her a handwritten note or an email. This would be a lifetime keepsake and show your child how much you adore her and how you are proud of her. Children always need assurance that parents are happy with their performance and they are the apple of their eyes.

Remember, whatever you choose to do, or even a combination of the above tips, it must be only you two. Children are more sensitive to emotions than we think. They can easily feel your affection and love in the little gestures you show. So do not miss this Valentines and do something really special for the most precious woman in your life!

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