Ways to makeover your kids regular clothes


Ways to makeover your kids regular clothes
Generally kids don’t like to stick to same things for a long time. They get bored very easily specifically when it comes to their clothes. Parents have to buy new ones frequently and thus their budget goes up. But for kids changes are must. Every kid likes to wear clothes which are interesting and attractive. When they open up their wardrobes the clothes which are bright and have some cartoon characters on them attract them the most. The regular ones which are very simple are just lying in corners. Kids don’t like to wear their old denim jeans. They just opt for those which they recently bought. By this way not only they have fewer options but also they are blocking their closets.

For those parents who want their children to use their regular and boring clothes you can change them altogether and make them into completely new looking attractive ones.

Here are some ways to makeover your kids regular looking clothes

1. Paint with fabric colours-
There must be many plain t-shirts or tops with your child which is not being used frequently. You can make your child put his/her hand prints on it with their favourite colours. You can also make kids write a good quotation or some funny lines with those colours. By this way kids will also be involved with you and the clothes will be changed altogether. After this you will see that clothes which were boring before suddenly become their first choice.
2. Mix and match
You can always start try experimenting new combinations of their clothes. Instead of the usual way of wearing give it a little twist. Like sleeveless on top of the one with sleeves or pick up upper wear from a dress and lower from other. This will bring in some new variety by just simply altering the mix ups.
3. Stick some beautiful designs
You can also stick or sew some of the designs of their kids choice. Kids always like colourful work on their clothes. They may be patches of flowers, bows, laces, cars, superheroes pictures or it can be any funny pattern.This will make the clothes more appealing.
4. Add some googly eyes and fabric ears-
Parents can try some googly eyes and fabricated ears of animals like bunny, cats etc on caps of their kids. Choose one which your kids like most and convert a simple looking cap into a bunny cap. Likewise you have many other options. This also make them more lively and funky.
5. Cut it off
Kids are always likely to accept anything if offered in a lightly changed way. Their old denim jeans which is not in use because of length can be cut off to make a new shorts or capri.
6.Combine with hair accessories
There are many different types of hair accessories available. Tiaras, bands, clips, etc for girls and hats, caps etc for boys. Just pick some matching accessories for your kids and make them wear with their clothes. This will definitely bring a new touch to their look.

While doing all these stuff surely your little ones will also enjoy and spend a great time with you. This will also help in building up a strong bond among you and your kids.

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