Wearing Spectacles At An Early Age


Wearing spectacles at an early age

You must have observed some  children have to wear spectacles at an early age due to weakness in their eyes. Nowadays kids tend to get exposure to various screens when they are too young. They tend to spend bulk of their time watching television or laptops etc. Not to forget new methods of studies are also inculcating smart screens. It is not possible that your kids completely stay away from these gadgets. It is true, they may affect the eyes of children but it is definitely not the reason to not allow them to be familiar with such gadgets. They may be permitted but for restricted time as per their age.

Always remember the weakness of  eyes is only an error not a disease. It is not a short coming of any sort. Wearing spectacles is not going to hamper your ability or talent . It is just a corrective measure. Don’t completely blame kids for this instead, it may not be because of their habits. Screens may not be the only cause. There is a lot of environmental changes which influence their health issues.

Kids may get some error in their eyes  either genetically, some kind of problems during birth or due to over straining of eyes. Kids may have to use corrective glasses as early as an age of 2 also. Though there are only a few children those wear glasses at age under 8. Kids who are above 10 tend to get on spectacles at a moderate rate. Therefore it is not upto the age of child rather depends on when they need it.

Parents need to teach their kids some things listed below-

* If your child is using glasses make it a clear and strong point that he/she is not less than others. It will not make a child weak or less competitive in any sense.

* Teach your child the ways to handle the reactions and comments which others may make. Purpose is to make the child bold enough to face or ignore any unwanted teasing. There are kids who bully the child who wear glasses but it must not affect the child.

* Every parent must teach their children that they should not be different or less friendly with those who wear spectacles . Teach your kids to treat them with same respect as others.

* As parents are the first teachers and role models for children, their support and motivation is the most essential factor. Child must not feel inferior and guilty about anything which are not under their control.

* Efforts must be made to contribute to make people aware about the myths and restrictions in some sections of society and spread the facts that wearing glasses is not any kind of disease. Nobody becomes ill with this. It is only a correction.

When you make a mistake while writing you just erase your errors and correct it. Likewise is the spectacles, they just act like a way to correct some errors.

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  1. Myself Bratati Mukherjee….even my 3.6yrs old daughter wear spectacle. Doctor says this is heredity because her father also wear spectacle.

  2. Now a days spectacles is common among kids due to their non-stop use of mobile ,laptop,video game…..

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