Week 5 – Pregnancy


This week most of you will find put about your pregnancy as this is the time when you will miss your period coupled with all the symptoms due to increase in pregnancy hormones. The good thing is if you have just figured out that you are pregnant then you have already crossed 4 weeks by now.

Sign and symptoms at week 5:

Missed Period

Heightened nausea

Tender breast due to increased blood flow

Extreme fatigue  and headache

Acne can be experienced due to hormonal changes

Morning sickness: Morning sickness does not necessarily happen in the morning. It can happen during any time of the day.

Cramping and spotting: Bleeding or unnatural spotting rarely it can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. So do visit the doctor in case of any abnormal bleeding.

For some there would still be no sign and symptom . Don’t get worried it is perfectly normal not to get any symptoms. Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t experienced morning sickness.

What is happening to the inside my body:

At 5 weeks there would not be much physiological change. You can feel a little bloated. For some morning sickness can cause loss of weight. DO remember that different women have different symptoms and their body responds differently. Some might even feel like they have put on a little weight. Do not be much bothered by it as weight gain is perfectly normal and much needed right now. Your doctor will let you know the ideal weight which needs to be gained during your pregnancy based on your BMI. Even though the baby bump is bot visible during this time your body is at work rapidly.

Baby development:

At week 5 your baby is the size of a black peppercorn. It is around 5 mm long . The heart, brain , spine ,stomach, liver ,kidney are forming during this time. The baby’s neural tube develops during this time and the heart is changing into a 4 chamber organ and will soon start beating. A scan in the coming weeks will be able to detect the flickering.


Intake of Folic Acid :

It is important to take 400 mcg of folic acid until the 12th week of pregnancy. Folic acid is particularly important in the first trimester as it helps the spine develop properly. Lack of folic acid can cause neural tube defects. Spinach, asparagus, broccoli, beet root, cashew, walnut, hazelnut etc are also natural source of folic acid.

Maintain a healthy and balanced diet:

Maintain a balanced diet. Also a few type of food should be avoided like soft blue cheese, raw eggs, cured meat, liver, fish like tuna, shark, shellfish etc. Only pasteurized milk should be consumed. Avoid caffeine, wash the fruits and vegetables properly before consumption.

Avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs.

You can start your baby journal now.

You can experience craving for certain kind of food by now. The hormones in your body affects your sense of taste and smell. In case you have any weird craving like craving to eat dirt it should be brought to the notice of the doctor as this can be due to iron deficiency. If you are having certain health condition like, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy you should consult your doctor who will provide you the special care that you and your baby need. Any continuing or discontinuing of prescribed drugs should be discussed with the doctor.

Take rest and keep calm. Your body will be going through some major changes in coming weeks. So, Keep up the good work of taking care of yourself.

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