When to Join Back Work?


Joining back the workplace after a delivery is a tricky question. If you are in some job where you do not have an option, I think the task is still easy. But if you are an affluent business-woman or a rich work-from-home mother, it gets really, really tough to join back work. This is, in-fact, true for most of us who are blessed with this socio economic category and work structure!

Every time you decide to join work, you feel your infant is not yet prepared, and by the time you feel your infant is prepared, it gets too late! Statistics show that almost 50% of the women lose their zeal to work if they stay at home with their child for about a year. So what is the best time? Is it same for all?

Read what the experts have to say and guide on this…….

Think Clearly: It is required that you think from your mind rather than your heart. Most of the new mothers are not able to do this. You keep on feeling it instead of taking a balanced decision. If you use your mind, you will be in a better position to decide.

Take Advice: It is useful to take advice of your husband or some close friends. Do not involve family as they are always biased, and tend to incline towards the baby. You might even have to mentally prepare them for you resuming work, as they might always feel that there is no hurry and tip you to a point where it gets too late.

Prioritize: You must learn to put yourself and your goals in the first seat. Never feel guilty of taking work back, because that will give you the required happiness and satisfaction. You can be a good mother only if you are happy. Also, you might feel ignored and regret your decision of quitting work at a later stage, so it is better to take a wise decision when it is time.

Personal Gauging: Every child is different. And every mother-child relation is also different. So you have to pour in some insight and conclude for yourself if both of you are ready. Mothers can feel the vibes and judge their child’s need even when they cannot speak or gesture! That is the power of motherhood.

Step-Up: If you have an option, take on work gradually. This is the best option you can give yourself and your little one. In this manner both of you get used to the work, get used to the routine, and you can know precisely how much work you can take up. Extended families are also found to be more comfortable this way as per data stats.

Close to Home: If possible, choose a workplace close to your home or the physical location where your child is. Initially you can even hire a nanny who can keep the child close to your vicinity if your work requires extensive travelling or something of that sort.

Breastfeed: The greatest issue that most mothers face while joining back work is “how to breastfeed?” They do not want their child or themselves to be deprived of this association. And it is justifiable as well. So why don’t you get some electronic milk extractors cum tanks to store your milk, and if time permits, take short breaks, or during lunch breaks, do feed your child by yourself.

So, keeping all the above points in mind, I’m sure I would have motivated you to join back if it is the right time for you and your baby. The greatest gift you can give to your child is to keep yourself happy!

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  1. I myself had lots of emotional ups and down before getting back to work. Nice to read this. It brought back lots of memories.

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