Working Mothers Versus Stay-at-Homers


Is it difficult to choose between kids and work? And if you have flexible hours, is it ok to give 100 % to your work, even if that means your kid is not able to join a gymnast class or a swimming class like his peers?

Yes, it is. The answer to this question, which many mothers face, is a strong yes. Researchers say that a working mom teaches a lot of things to her kids automatically, just by following her daily routine.

Read below what the more learned ones have to say about this:

Time Management: If you are working, chances are that you will always be running out of time. And so you do everything very meticulously, plan everything in advance and stick to your schedules. Kids are imitators and that is what they learn from you in turn. Isn’t it great?

Will Management: If you are working, it means no matter how much you want to go to the movie, or relax for some-time doing nothing, you will first think of completing your task. Kids also learn that work is important in this manner; they learn that they have to control their mind and set preferences and they also learn to worship work. Work is a fact of our society today. Good these kids learn this at early stages of their lives.

Self-Managed: It is not uncommon, that if you compare two kids of the same age, one from a working mom and the other one not so, there would be differences. The stay at home mommy kid, will most likely run to his mom to run petty errands or for supervision of his tasks or for a continuous approval let’s say. But a working mother’s child will be able to come home from school, freshen up, change clothes, eat meals, do homework and wait patiently for his/her mother. That is the difference that grows among such kids, even when they become adults.

Many working girls complaint after wedding, that their husbands have been over-pampered by their stay at home mother in-law. True to some extent!

Prioritize: A working mom’s kid is able to prioritize stuff. He likes to create lists and function accordingly. But the main advantage is children learn to prioritize. They will know to choose between a yoga class or a gymnast class as they could choose only one, thanks to the limited time-frame of their mothers. They would learn to create a revision time table for approaching examinations, as mom won’t be there to help them.

Moral Values: Such kids, the working category I mean, see their parents working all the time. While they understand that fathers are supposed to do so, they somewhere feel a little for their mothers. And that is why they always offer help. Now isn’t this what we call inculcating moral values without giving sermons or lectures.

Not the least, we are not undermining the stay at home mothers in any regard. Every coin has two sides to it. The kids of non–working mothers learn to keep family ahead of themselves. Many such girls grow to be stay at home moms themselves. Also, in case of contingencies, like a medical emergency, stay at home mothers can serve better for their kids. Who knows your boss might sanction your leave or not? Such children are also more bound to the family as they live in a continuous environment of love and company all the time. They never develop social problems of staying aloof, non-adjustments etc.  which some kids of working mothers have. Sharing and caring is what such kids believe in. Be it working or non-working; remember that your child is learning a lot from you. And if you are doing your best, it is more than enough!

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